Saturday, 12 May 2018

Enjoy every day

....and tell your loved ones often how much you love them.  Don't waste a second of precious life moaning or being grumpy about daft things or regretful about 'might have beens'.  Just get on with it!  I do need to take my own advice here, I can be a bit grumpy about things that really don't matter much in the great scheme of things.

What's brought all this on?  Two things....the first reading a short blog entry this morning.  Sue who writes the Cottage at the End of a Lane blog is one of my favourite bloggers, she's very down to earth, writes really interesting stuff about the seasons, weather, plants and her local history, makes up good recipes, of which I've tried several, and writes without drama about her beloved Col's health problems.  Sadly, he died yesterday.  She said something really poignant - that the saddest thing is that his grandchildren won't remember him and he won't see them grow up.  Well no he won't, and that is sad.  But the grandchildren, young as they are, will never forget him...they'll have lots of photos of him to look at, and Sue and her children will keep his memory alive all the time, telling the grandchildren all the lovely stories about things they did with him when the grandchildren were young.  I'm so sorry Sue, but glad you and Col had a happy couple of years together after his retirement, and moved to your lovely cottage at the end of the lane.

The second thing is my lovely husband's recent and ongoing heart problems - they're relatively minor in that he hasn't had a heart attack or stroke, although he does now have coronary heart disease and that means we both have to have a drastic change of lifestyle.  He's 67, 9 years older than me, he retired from work nearly a year ago and at the end of this month we will have been married 35 years, longer than most of our family members and friends.  He's always been the love of my life and we want to make the most of our (well, his really, but I guess mine too as I voluntarily stopped working a few years ago) retirement, having more time to spend together and doing whatever we want to do.

I have close family members who are in poor health and whom I need to keep in close contact with.  I have good friends who I don't see nearly enough, through distance or busy-ness.  But in this technological age, there's no excuse for not keeping in contact.  And nor should I feel grumpy or resentful about not hearing regularly from them....communication is a 2-way thing, and it would be just awful to have your last memory of someone you love tainted by bad feelings.  

So from today onwards, I am going to make sure I spend a few minutes at the end of each day, thinking about the good things that day.  Of which there will be lots, I'm sure.


  1. Never did I read a truer post, Sooze. I'ver just seen Sue's post and am desperately sad for her at the moment.
    I will remember what you said, thank you.
    J x

  2. Well said, Sooze. I was so sad to read from Sue this morning that Colin had died. I, along with countless others I’m sure, had followed their journey and feel I know both of them. We do have to cherish what we have, and it’s all too easy to forget that. Best wishes to you.

  3. I have just seen Sue's post and my heart is breaking for her, I am in tears. Yours is a wonderful post, Sooze, and never a truer word spoken. Enjoy your life, every moment of it. God bless xx

  4. Well said, I could not have written it better. I have to say that I shed a few tears reading Sue's post today.
    Tom has lung disease and is living on borrowed time, who knows how long, could be months or years we do not know and so we, like you say, are living each day exactly how we want to. We have been together 57 years, I met him when I was 15 and we married 2 years later.
    Sometimes we can't not be grumpy, we are only human but we do try to be positive and cheerful.

  5. We all have so much to be grateful for.

    I was so sorry to hear that Colin had passed away, we have all followed his progress through Sue's lovely optimistic posts over the last couple of years. As you say he WILL live on in his grandchildren memories thanks to all they will hear from Sue and the rest of the family, and they will see the lovely photos of themselves cuddled up to the man they will always call grandad.

  6. Wonderful post, just wonderful.
    Glad to always read your posts. keep it up.
    I will start with you and just say thank you for the wake up call.Best to you and hubby and Betty too.

  7. Great post Sooze, I know its hard sometimes remembering things could be worse. There are things we should be more thankful for. We all feel we know Sue, Colin and family, reading her almost daily blog. We have rooted for him through all the treatments and hoped one of them would work. He will be remembered by the family and they can all read Sues blog when they are old enough. My thoughts are with her and her family. Tx

  8. Thank you Sooze a lovely post.
    Hazel c UK

  9. Very sad news today. We should all take heart like you and make the most of every day and our loved ones. I am so glad I retired at the earliest possible moment to make the most of these golden days together.

  10. Thank you Sooze for this post. Although Sue knew the day would come, it doesn't make it any easier. My heart goes out to her, my thoughts and prayers with her family at this time. May God surround them all with love, and comfort and peace, now, and in the long hard days ahead.

  11. Beautiful post and agree 100% with all you said. Thank you.

  12. So very very sad about Col. They were such a cohesive team. I've read Sue's blog from the beginning and it was so obvious that they were so happy together.

  13. I, too, was so saddened to hear of Col's death, Sooze, and I would like to add my words of condolence to those already mentioned here. And I'm also sorry your own husband hasn't been well, either. With heart disease, perhaps sometime in the future he will have surgery? If so, I would like to say that my own husband had heart surgery I 2009 when he was in his 70s, and made a good recovery ... well, he's been busy painting the garage door this week, that demonstrates his health, I think! Yes, enjoy your time together; we have been married for almost 54 years (twice as long as many, I would think!) and would still do it all over again.
    Very best wishes from a sunny Torbay,
    Margaret P

  14. That was beautiful and well said. XX


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