Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Must be getting old!!

I've been dyeing my hair light blonde since I was about natural colour is a sort of dark dirty blonde.  Well, I say is....more and more grey is showing through now, particularly at my temples.  I'd always said I'd never willingly go grey and would keep dyeing my hair until I no longer had the strength to raise my arms up to my head.  Lately, though, I've thought about possibly embracing the grey, or at least seeing what my hair would look like all grey.  This is partly down to the cost of hair dye (I've nearly always done it myself), but also because frankly I'm getting more and more fed up with doing it - having short hair, I need to redo it every 6 weeks or so.  Julie of Lovelygreyday blog and my friend Toffeeapple both have beautiful silver hair which looks gorgeous - I don't know if my grey would look like that (it just looks a sort of pale nondescript grey at my temples), or even if it would suit my English Rose colouring.  Or I might just hate it!  Not really sure what to do about it...I suppose I could have some highlights done, as a sort of halfway measure.

Do you have your hair dyed?  At what age did you decide to stop, if you did?  I'm 58 and don't really feel old enough to have grey hair!

OH and I are both liking the healthy eating and less carbs, we're trying to have some meals with little or no carb content.

Tuesday's meals:-

B - Low fat Greek yogurt with stewed apple and flaked almonds, OH had cereal.
L - Pork, salad and mustard sandwich on homemade wholemeal bread.
D - Cauli and broccoli in a sauce made with diced shallot and 100g gammon sauted in spray oil, then passata and mixed herbs added.  Topped with 45g cubed goats cheese and a sprinkle of low fat Cheddar.  Considering I normally prefer cream sauces, this was scrumptious.


B - Overnight oats with a small handful of sultanas and flaked almonds, soya milk.
L - Half a tin of baked beans on 1 slice wholemeal toast, a nectarine.
D - Chicken and orange salad (Nigel Slater recipe with a few extras) - diced cooked chicken, orange slices, cucumber and soya beans.  Dressing made with the juice of a lemon and half an orange mixed with 2 tbsp olive oil, seasoning and chives.  Served on a bed of mixed leaves and couscous.  It was yummy.


  1. I just bleach the front of my hair so that it looks blonde, I buy the liquid and powder and mix it myself, it lasts ages as I'm only doing the front each time, plus you still look blonde.
    Like you I've been blonde most all of my adult life and just look dreary without it.

  2. I have had exactly the same conversation with myself lately. I'm 61 and would love to know what I'd look like with grey hair. There must be an app.....surely! 😂

  3. I lost my hair in 2010, when it grew back it was grey, which I was not ready for, so I add highlights, but it is a royal pain to do, it looks better because some grey shows through. I have often thought of letting it go grey, but I always chicken out and put colour in.

  4. Those plans look absolutely delicious!

    Most of my life my hair has been just as nature intended but I'm lucky that the grey/silver makes my hair look as if it has expensive highlights, it's just the way my hair is.

    J x

  5. I've been dying my hair since I was 20 and I'm older than dirt. I do ash blonde and I'll never stop.

  6. Another blonde dye job in my younger days but such a fiddle that it was a relief to go grey (now mostly white, see photo) and doesn't make me feel old at all! Must try the overnight oats again - haven't had that in ages.

  7. Ooooh no....I will never stop dying my hair. I have very scary memories of my great grandmother who had long white hair and warts with hairs on her chin. She used to terrify me and my hair is actually white under the dye so the dye

  8. I had been thinking about it and even talked with my hairdresser at my last appointment as to how we might attempt it. She mentioned a couple of possibilities but then pointed out that the grey is really just at the front of my scalp and that the bulk of my hair in back is still pretty grey free so it would be a few years before things evened out. I think I will wait a bit longer. One friend has recently gone to grey but I'm afraid no one really likes it - it is very "gunmetal" grey and very aging. No one has the nerve to tell her as she is Vegan and very against anything like hair dyes now. On the other hand another friend went grey quite early but her's is a bright platinum blonde colour and looks lovely - guess it's just the luck of the draw.

  9. Perhaps it is just laziness but I enjoy my gray hair. I frequently get asked who did my highlights and I say "God". When renewing my driver's license, I told the lady at the counter that my hair is gray but the lady called the colour "arctic blonde". The grandbabies say I have "silver" hair. I did read an article recently that said people are embracing their gray hair these days. I have and it works for me!

  10. I have been silver now for the past few years, I really like the colour so it helps,so Id say go for it, if you don't like it you can dye it again. Personally I couldn't be bothered to dye it any more so just stopped !


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