Sunday, 8 April 2018

Decision made....I'm not getting old yet!

Went to Wilkos to stock up on toiletries yesterday, they had the brand of hair dye I always use on offer at 2/3 off the price! (well, only 2 or 3 of the colours...including mine...not sure why, perhaps they're discontinuing them?).  So that decided me and I bought 4 boxes, enough to last me a year.  So it seems I'm not yet ready to go grey :-)

We did a big food shop yesterday too, as the hospital said OH isn't allowed to drive for a week following his angio/stents tomorrow.  That's assuming it's still going ahead....he has to phone early tomorrow to make sure they've got a bed for him.  I do hope they have, we both want this sorted, we feel a bit in limbo at the mo.  

Still following our healthy eating and enjoying it.  We did relax it a bit yesterday - OH saw a hot cross bun loaf in the shop and said he fancied it, so we got it - who am I to deny a man a treat on the eve of his op?!  So we had a couple of slices each toasted and buttered.  Well, Bertollied actually lol.  We'd changed to Bertolli from our previous real butter about a month ago, because it's a lot less saturated fat than butter.  Also, whilst it's ok, it doesn't taste nearly as nice as butter, so we're not tempted to slather it on!  Win win.  

We've changed to low fat everything - Greek yogurt, milk (well, semi-skimmed as opposed to full fat), cheese (not as nice as full fat mature Cheddar, and melts a bit oddly when cooked), cottage cheese, mayo, Elmlea single instead of full fat double cream.  Some things are ok, others not so, but we're more or less used to it all now.

The other big change we've made is simply not to buy things like crisps or salted peanuts, which we both love - if they're not in the house then we can't be tempted to eat them.  I expect we'll have them as a very occasional treat in future.

Thank you for the comments yesterday, as always.  I'm sorry I don't reply to each one individually - sheer laziness!

Oh, I'm very pleased to say that my final dental treatment on Friday went very well, no problems at all, and I now don't have to go again for another 3 months, just for a check up.  I even gave my dentist Emma and nurse Emily a hug, as their kindness and care has cured my dental phobia.  Husband has even said he wants to swap over to my dentist - he doesn't have any problem with dental treatment, but doesn't really like the quick, impersonal, conveyor-belt approach of his current large practice.


  1. Dying day for me today DD is going to do it after lunch for me.
    Glad you are back in the swing of your eating plan.

  2. Your low fat strategy is what I do too and it really does work. I wonder if we will ever go back to the old ways.
    J x

  3. No worries with the stent. Tom was in and out the same day, in the wrist. didn't drive for 4 days but just bruised now.
    Hope all goes well and go girl with the hair dye. lol

  4. the angio can leave some pretty dramatic bruising but MR BH says he barely felt a thing and he is a notorious wimp .

  5. Good luck with the medical procedures and I hope all goes to plan!

  6. Hope the procedure went well for your hubby. It's always a relief when these things have been done, then it's time to rest and recover..
    I'm happy for you that your dental treatment went well too. No more dental that's a result! Xx


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