Thursday, 1 March 2018

Storm Emma and Betty

Thanks for the comments.....Chris (who I know lives in Canada) had a good suggestion for if our electricity was out for a good length of time in freezing weather - put the freezer food outside!  Have you ever had to do that, Chris?

It started snowing this morning, a few hours earlier than forecast, this was about 10.00 am:-

and then again about 4.30 pm:-

Betty has been beside herself with glee, she's been desperate to be out in the front garden all afternoon......charging round the lawn, diving under the wooden bench, stopping to throw herself down (is she mad?!) and hoovering up mouthfuls.  She hasn't wanted to come in (we have to keep insisting she comes indoors and towel her dry), she's been just like a small child having great fun playing in the snow for the first time and oblivious to the cold.

Even now at gone 6 pm, she's standing at the door whining to be let out again....


  1. Our dogs were the same when it snowed...a lab and a golden retriever. They loved running, rolling and then running again while scooping up snow with their mouths. They Loved it!

  2. Dogs love the stuff, our Jack Russell would submerge himself in it. Having short legs it wasn't hard! I couldn't think of anything worse.

  3. Ben does not play in the snow now but Rufus goes doolally. It is looking as though we might miss the worst of the weather. It is bad in Merthyr Tydfil and that is not far as the crow flies (or the snow blows) so fingers crossed.

  4. Dear little Betty at least she will tire herself out.

  5. She's obviously having a marvelous time!
    J x

  6. It's nice to hear someone is enjoying the snow.

  7. Re: frozen food. Yes, we keep a cooler handy to pack if the power goes out in winter. Obviously doesn't work when the weather turns warmer!

  8. Most winters, I can keep my turkey and all the frozen bits for Christmas out on a table under a laundry basket! Gotta protect the goodies from the dog, birds and the odd coyote in the neighbourhood.

    Yes, I live in Canada. Usually in December and January we have a couple of weeks of -25C and worse.

    Right now it's -9 and we're expecting 30 more centimetres of snow.


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