Saturday, 17 February 2018

Starting today

Thank you for all the comments on our menu plans.  A few of you have mentioned the variety of meals - I want it to be a varied diet, to keep us interested.  If the meals become monotonous (I just had to check the spelling of that word, it didn't look right!), then we'll get bored and be more likely to have a doorstep cheese sandwich, or buy cakes or a takeaway when we're out.

Speaking of cakes, we had an afternoon out yesterday in a small town 30 mins drive away, which we know has a lot of charity shops (didn't see anything we wanted to buy, but it was nice looking round).  We went in a café for a coffee, and decided to have a cake each as a sort of 'last hoorah' before the rationing started.  If I'm going to have some naughty food thing occasionally which I know will likely make me feel unwell (because of my diabetes and gallstones), then I want it to be something I'll really enjoy - to make the subsequent suffering worthwhile!  Husband chose a banana and walnut cake slice, I went for coffee and walnut, with thick coffee buttercream icing.  Well, both of them were such a disappointment that neither of us finished them - they were both dry, overcooked and tasteless - in fact, we tried a bit of each other's and if we had our eyes shut we wouldn't have been able to decide which was which.  They had no discernible banana or coffee taste, I reckon they were probably the same cakes, with a layer of buttercream on mine to make it look different!  What a disappointment.  And the coffee wasn't particularly nice either.  Ah well.

So today's meals are:-

Breakfast - overnight oats with fruit & yogurt
Lunch - Pilchards on toast with sliced tomato
Dinner - Roasted vegetables topped with a sprinkle of cheese, with a small piece of bread pudding to follow.


Breakfast - a bacon sandwich using 2 rashers grilled bacon and grilled sliced mushrooms
Lunch - veg soup with a cheese scone
Dinner - lamb stew with lots of veg

I'm making a big bread pudding today (instead of Julie's wartime carrot cake, which I will get round to making soon!), simply because we have quite a lot of odds and ends of stale bread in the freezer which needs using up.  I'll cut it up into pieces roughly half the size that we'd normally have, save a few pieces for the coming week and freeze the rest.

Gemma's Person asked how long we're intending to keep up this rationing plan...well, certainly for the coming week as a trial, but I see no reason why we won't do it indefinitely if it goes alright and has the desired effect of helping us lose weight by portion control, and cutting our fat intake to reduce cholesterol.  Incidentally, neither of us has high cholesterol, but it's a bit higher than it should be.

I'm now going to weigh out all our ration allowances for the week - any extra foods (we have quite a lot of cheese, for example) will be taken out of the house and put in the utility room (thank goodness we have a spare fridge and freezer in there!), so they're not staring us in the face and tempting us.


  1. I still use my grandmother's recipe for bread pudding. My husband loves it and so easy to do

    Julie xxxx

  2. You have a very good menu plan, I think meal planning certainly helps curb the temptation to spend.

  3. Nice meal plan.

    I have kept a specific shelf in the fridge and one in the freezer for our 'rationed' foods. Luckily we timed it quite well and ate all foods which might have tempted us off the straight and narrow before rationing started. The extra cheese was mostly grated and then frozen in tubs.

  4. Such a shame the treat didn't work out but at least you had the anticipation.
    J x

  5. Looking forward to seeing how you get on Sooze.

  6. Don't you just hate it when something that looks delicious doesn't meet expectations. It's pleasing to know you intend to stick with it as long as it has the desired effect. Weightwatchers Say it's not a diet it's a healthy eating plan for life. It's re-education that's taking place.

  7. I'm impressed with your planning Sooze and look forward to following your progress x


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