Sunday, 25 February 2018

Reasons to be thankful

I'm feeling a bit low right now, what with one thing and another, so thought I'd make a list of happy things.

For the past few days we've had glorious sunshine and bright blue skies, albeit with a very cold wind.  But indoors with the sun streaming in through the windows and the lovely view across the fields, it's beautiful.

Loads of Spring bulbs in flower, a few trees with blossom, buds starting to appear on shrubs, signs of new life starting everywhere.

Lots of little lambs in the fields around here.

The field behind us is teeming with birds - big flocks of starlings and fieldfares, I saw a brambling in amongst them this morning.  Saw a grey partridge out there too the other day.  And last week a hare ran across our lane.

Sorting through seeds with husband, working out what veg we can start sowing soon.

Looking through my flowering shrub book, choosing which ones to get for the front garden.

Thankful that we have good friends just a few doors away, who have offered help with hospital trips and looking after Betty if needed.  True friends are a treasure.

EDITAlso meant to add another big positive - neither of us has any medical appointments this week!  So a pretty much free week (just as well as heavy snow forecast for later in the week).


  1. So sorry you are feeling low Sooze and I hope things get better soon.

  2. Sorry you're feeling a bit low and sending cheerful vibes your way.
    J xxx

  3. It's the time of year for the blues, life is much harder in the first three months. Good for you to flip the coin and list the bright side, hope everything sorts it self out.

  4. Hope you feel better about things soon. Spring is not far away that's always a mood lifter for me.

  5. Sorry you feel a bit low, focus on all the good things, Spring is on its way, then we can all shake off the winter blues. x

  6. February is definitely the month of the blues and health niggles. Thank goodness as you say there are so many signs of Spring around.

    Lots of our daffodils have their jolly yellow flowers now, and the lambs in a field on the way to Llandudno have their bright orange waterproof jackets on 😊

  7. Hope you are feeling brighter soon. Lovely seeing signs of Spring coming . :)

  8. When younger , we would wish to be busy. Now busy means a different thing than fun.


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