Monday, 15 January 2018

It's looking really good!

Thanks for all your comments on untidy husbands....we all seem to be married to the same man!  Had to laugh at Gemma's Person's comment that we should have married women, teehee.  But I'm sure we have habits that irritate our husbands (I know I do!), and anyway, I suppose really we wouldn't have them any other way as their good qualities far outweigh the bad.

We've been shopping wasn't really a big shop, nor just a top up - somewhere in the middle I suppose.  I wrote a list beforehand, having checked the cupboards and freezers and written a menu plan.  Am pleased to say we stuck rigidly to the list, the only additions being a bottle of squash for husband and a punnet of mushrooms reduced to 30p.  

I added up the receipts for the shopping we've done so far this month, today's and the other top ups of milk, bread and veg/fruit.  It comes out at about half of what we'd normally have spent on two full weekly shops, done without a list and so probably buying stuff we didn't really need.  Brilliant, very happy with that, just shows what can be saved when you really get a grip on shopping for only what you need.

Today we're having a mushroom and veg speltotto (as Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall calls it - a risotto in other words) having discovered a box of pearled spelt right at the back of the cupboard when I was looking for something else.  I was embarrassed to see that the sell by date was 2014!  It's an unopened box with the spelt in a sealed bag inside....having opened and examined it, it seems absolutely fine....I guess things like grains and rice last indefinitely anyhow, if they're stored properly.

(If I don't blog again for a few days, you'll know why!!! LOL).


  1. I have yet to do a big shop, we are eating the stores down as I want to do a bit of a shuffle round in the pantry and kitchen cupboards. The SO is quite tidy, at least he confines his clutter to a small side table whereas mine tends to slither around the room breeding as it goes.

  2. If it had gone off you'd probably have seen critters crawling about in it!! Shudder.
    Sounds very delicious the risotto - not the critters - even if people do keep saying we shall all have to eat insects one day for protein.

  3. I thought that once, till I looked closer and saw the grains moving, a little weevil, well lots....

    Julie xxxxxxx

  4. Haha I could have sent over some aged tomato purée!!! ( my blog post today lol ) I love spelt. I adore Pearl barley as risotto, in fact going to have it tomorrow now!

  5. Mmmm, 3 years old is quite old but like Julie says, take a close look and if its not moving I guess its' okay, anyway the weevils would add a bit of protein, lol

  6. Hi, Sooze. I've just followed you over from Frugal Factor and am now a follower! I agree that packeted food lasts a lot longer than the date would indicate and I haven't died yet so I reckon you're safe enough! :-)
    J x

  7. I'm a risotto lover, lovely stodgy food. Well done on the spending.

  8. Your spending is going great. We notice an increase when Eleanor comes home from uni, when it's just the two of we don't spend anywhere near as much.

  9. My husband was in the food industry starch and glucose a sell by date cannot be more than two years regardless of how long a product lasts. Tinned food is a good example


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