Monday, 22 January 2018

Food things

Thanks for all the comments, I'm glad we haven't had the snow that some of you have had - although it might be a welcome change from the seemingly relentless rain we've had!  Having said that, we do have a respite today, sunny and with very little rain forecast, although it's back to the normal rain for a few days from tomorrow :(  I don't think it's going to be as windy as last week though, thankfully.

We're having a bacon and leek pasta bake today.  I want to start having lots more veggies - for 2 reasons, the first being it's healthier (and cheaper), secondly because we've got loads of veggies in the freezer.  Some are bought frozen packs, such as diced mixed veg, some are loose veggies that I've bought and prepped for the freezer, some just leftover cooked veg.  

There's half a bag of frozen edamame beans, some will be going in the pasta bake along with a homegrown leek, but I wanted to add something else too.  I had a brainwave and got out one of the bags of diced mixed veg, it's carrots, peas, sweetcorn, red pepper and broccoli.  I didn't fancy the carrots, peas and sweetcorn in the pasta bake (don't ask me why, I just didn't!), so poured the lot onto a large plate and picked out all the diced pepper and broccoli.  Not a lot of broccoli (coz it's more expensive I suppose), but quite a bit of red pepper.  So that will be going in the bake.  We'll have a green veg on the side, probably sprouts out of the freezer.  I'm not keen on frozen sprouts just boiled, they go so mushy and tasteless.  Instead, I put them in a pan with some butter and oil, put the lid on and cook them on a low heat, stirring from time to time, so they're kind of steamed and stir fried at the same time....much nicer.

I've been buying blocks of pastry when I see them reduced, but have decided not to do that anymore - pastry is so cheap and quick to make in a food processor.  Well, I'll still buy puff pastry if it's reduced - who bothers making it, it's such a faff.  So today I'll make a load of shortcrust, portion it up and freeze it.  But first the tall upright freezer needs sorting started off with all the food separated - one drawer for fruit, one for veg, etc etc, but somehow they've all become mixed up and it takes an age to find anything.


  1. More veg eating going on here too Sooze.
    Brussels....I'll eat them any way I can get them....even mushy I do love them sauteed in a pan with butter and black pepper or roasted with garlic and black pepper. The only time I won't eat them is if they are served when we are eating out and they are virtually raw.

  2. You've just given me the inspiration for our tea ... leek and pasta bake coming up, thanks.

    I'd pulled up two leeks from the veggie patch and then got back to the house to find I don't need to make a pot of soup today, we've lots left from last week and I was wondering what to do with the leeks.

  3. Even the great and blessed St. Delia buys her puff pastry! :-)
    J x

  4. I buy reduced puff pastry but always make my own shortcrust. I'm always bulking meals out with vegetables, it much better for us than meat. I couldn't give up meat but reduced it quite dramatically.

  5. I have made puff pastry hundreds of times but I buy most of it now, but in blocks I will not pay for machine to roll it for me.

  6. I had a binge on the freezers when I was indoors with Tess recovering, I updated the freezer lists, a couple of pots of soup a week is on the agenda here as there is lots of veg in the freezers.


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