Sunday, 7 January 2018

Being inventive with store cupboard stuff

Thanks for the comments on my last post...oh and Gemma's Person, I've been having a read up on cider vinegar, very interesting.

I'm on a mission to use up the tins, packets and jars of various things that have been in our cupboards for months, if not years.  Well, it makes no sense to keep buying more food when we still have plenty here (shame I didn't do that before!  Oh well, better late than never).  

We have probably a couple of dozen tins of various beans and pulses, probably bought when I was thinking we needed to eat more healthily and more veggie stuff.  Having only used a few ages ago, the rest have sat hidden at the back of the larder ever since.  There's at least 6 tins of chickpeas - hummus and falafel, both of which I love, then.  Kidney beans (both red and white), haricot beans, mixed beans, butter beans....I shall certainly be adding some of those to stews or chilli, the butter beans could be mashed, mixed with sage and parsley and served with some of the gammon we have in the freezer.  

I have a box of Weetabix and a couple of boxes of bran cereal which have been there for yonks - we've both gone off them.  Husband rarely eats cereal and I tend to have overnight oats or those healthy flakes with dried fruits.  There are lots of recipes, both sweet and savoury, on the Weetabix website, so they'll get used up in a couple of those.  The bran cereal I'll use for cakes, husband will love those.

It's his birthday tomorrow, we're going out to lunch.


  1. I completely sympathise with your previous post about shopping! I used to go three or four times a week and totally forget about the meals I'd planned and already had the ingredients for! Since moving to France, this has all changed as the shops are further away and not open all the time. I'm not suggesting anything as drastic as moving, but sometimes a rethink of how we shop is very healthy :D I hope you have a good lunch out :D

  2. I used to make butter bean pate by mashing them with crushed garlic, spread on bread with sliced toms, lovely.

  3. It won't do me any good , but, where do you go out to eat?
    What kind of food is it? Are there small local restaurants there or are all of them are small local ? I don't know a thing about your home?
    Yes, the apple cider vinegar information is interesting .

  4. I do love a good inventing session Sooze.

  5. Happy birthday to your husband and hope you enjoyed lunch. I was 68 tiday and DH and I drove to the seaside and had a lovely small heathyish lunch to celebrate. Back to “auld claes and purritch” tomorrow as I have put on 5lbs whilst I’ve been poorly. Catriona


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