Saturday, 20 January 2018

And here's today's forecast

Firstly, welcome to new followers Mac'n'Janet, Jane Jones, Joy, Rainbowchild and Sue...and anyone else I may have missed.  Thanks to everyone for the comments on my last blog.

We had a nice time at the beach, the weather was a bit iffy, not raining but cold and a bit blustery...I stayed in the car whilst OH and Betty went for a walk, then they came back to the car and we all ate our food (Betty had her own bowl of doggie treats).  A couple of pics:-

Bits of blue sky, but mostly grey.  The tide was out so Betty didn't have to run away from the waves!  It looks quite deserted but there were actually quite a few dog walkers around.  We drove to the far end of the car park, which was empty, so we could have our picnic in relative solitude....well, would you believe it, the car you can see in the first pic drove up and parked right beside us - when there was loads of space everywhere else!  Huh! 😠  Must have been desperate for company, haha.

We've had some funny old weather lately.....mostly unpleasant.  A couple of nights of howling gales hurling rain against the windows - fortunately, we suffered no damage, other than a few pots blown over in the garden.  During the days we've had lots of short, sharp showers with really blustery winds, interspersed by 20 mins or so of bright sunshine - one afternoon it was warm enough, for an hour or so, to actually be out in the garden without a jacket.  We've had some lovely rainbows due to all the rain/sun/rain.  A couple of days ago we had really bright sun when all of a sudden the sky turned black virtually in the blink of an eye and it chucked it down with hail:-

And then the sun came out again.  Weird.  Midday today it stopped raining and the sun came out, so we took Betty over the Marshes nature reserve.  5 mins after we got out of the car, it started raining again....I wouldn't mind if it was just one thing or the other, for a few hours at a time, at least we'd know then that we could get out for a good walk, or I could put some washing on the line, or it would be a case of staying home as it was almost certainly going to be raining for several hours.  Which, incidentally, is what's forecast for tomorrow - rain pretty much all day.

And that's the end of the weather forecast for Somerset 😁😁


  1. Glad you got out to have your picnic.

  2. We are having much the same in Wales, I have changed coats before every walk for the past few days.I lookout of the window put jacket or coat on and get to the door to find that it has changed completely. I haven't had a picnic for ages.

  3. It's supposed to be horrible here too, wind, rain and, maybe some snow for a short time. Yuck.
    Beautful photos, thanks. I love the bleak spaciousness of the beach.
    J x

  4. It is nice to get out, today we have dawn to dusk rain, we are off to play with Will at his house this morning.

  5. It is supposed to get warmer next week but not very sunny. We had snow again today; it came down quite thickly for a couple of hours but then it rained and hasn't stopped yet.

    That parking next to one happened to us in France last year and it made me feel distinctly uncomfortable.

  6. We had 7 inches of snow that is just now melting away, so it is frozen slush which is slick to try to get around on. So, rain sounds divine. :)
    Glad Betty got a romp in.

  7. We were forecast snow over the weekend but it didn't amount to much. We're due warmer weather this week with not a snowflake forecast, which I'm very pleased about. I do wish we lived a bit closer to the coast, I bet Betty loves her walks on the beach, I know Archie would love it if he could be walked there more often.


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