Thursday, 11 January 2018

A whinge and a big pan of soup

First the whinge - get it off my chest and out of the way.

I love my husband dearly - he's kind, generous, hard working, funny, practical, good at DIY, will tackle any kind of DIY job even if it's something he's never done before.  He'll help with housework, even without being asked sometimes.  He's happy to cook a meal if I'm busy with something else, or not feeling well.  He'll help anyone in trouble, and keeps an eye on elderly neighbours, lending a hand with gardening or taking rubbish to the tip for them.  We've had 33 very happy years of marriage, with many more to come.  

But....he's one of the untidiest and most disorganised people I've ever met.  It drives me mad, especially since I'm completely the opposite.

Our utility room, before it was revamped last year into the lovely and much more practical room it is today, used to be so untidy and full of junk - husband's junk - that it depressed me to go in there.  He used it as an extension of his shed, it was full of tools he couldn't be bothered to walk out to the shed to put away, plus general junk and rubbish waiting to go to the tip.  It really got me down.  Every so often, after weeks of asking him to sort it out, it would get to the point of me having to stamp my feet and shout (well, ask him quite forcefully, shall we say!), at which time he'd spend a morning clearing it out.  When the room was revamped, we agreed that it would be MY room, not only for the laundry, but also for food storage - the upright freezer, small dog freezer (for the homemade dog food, not for frozen dogs lol), spare fridge are in there, along with wall cupboards, large plastic lidded boxes and wicker baskets all for food.  Right at one end is a set of drawers with an area of worktop above, I told husband he could have the drawers and space above for himself.  After all, he does have the big shed, a big polytunnel which he keeps some tools in, and the garage, which doesn't house the car as the garage is full of his junk, all for himself - I never go in the shed or garage, too cobwebby.  So it's not as if he needs to fill up the utility room with it all too!

However, somehow or other my lovely utility room STILL gets cluttered up with his junk.  This morning I couldn't even reach one of the food storage boxes to get something out of it, as there was so much STUFF piled up on the floor in front of it, as well as a load more actually on top of the box.  And it's not even the first time it's happened since the room was done up.  So I shouted and stamped my feet....again.  And so he's just spent a couple of hours clearing it all out....again.  

I know after 33 years it's extremely unlikely he'll change.  And I know that perhaps I'm becoming less patient in my (old!) age.  But if I could wave a magic wand and change one thing about my husband, it would be to make him less untidy.  What would you change about your OH? (if anything).

Anyway, it's done now....until the next time!

The soup....I decided to make a big pan of leek and potato, we have plenty of leeks still in the garden, and I'd bought a couple of 2.5kg bags of potatoes that were reduced recently.  So then I had the idea of looking in the freezer to see what else I could add.....found a 1/3 of a bag of frozen spinach that had been in there for absolute ages (I don't like spinach much, hence why it was languishing there).  I also found a tub of cooked mashed swede that had been in there for I don't know how long, so they've both been added to the pan.  I got husband to chop a bit off one of the half wheels of Stilton that I got reduced a couple of weeks ago and froze, that'll be crumbled in when the soup's ready.  It'll do us for lunches the next few days, or will be portioned up and frozen if we get fed up of having it.


  1. Tom drives me mad when he doesn't listen and only gets half the conversation because he's looking at some other thing or watching the tv. Also, no matter what time he starts to get ready to go out I am always waiting for him, urgggggg. LOL

  2. Oh Sooze you are not alone me darlin'. Andy is not only untidy he is filthy and should have come with a hoover attached to his rear end. I have been nagging him for 42 years to not walk about the house eating without using a plate but he just takes no notice. He is notoriously rubbish at DIY and yet the drawers on my beautiful kitchen dresser are full of mini screwdriver sets and other tools he can't resist buying when he goes into Lidl and my dishcloth and duster drawer for some unknown reason has an inspection kit in it. Honestly the mind boggles.
    Take a deep

  3. 46 years for us Sooze and like you I periodically have a melt down. The beautiful real wood breakfast bar is where stuff gets put down in the kitchen and never leaves! Sometimes I go out to the garage, get a crate and dump it right inside the door. He just lifts it onto a surface and it gathers dust. I love him dearly and I’m sure I drive him mad as well. Catriona

  4. I'm lucky my hubby is tidy, but it takes him ages to get a job done, this spring we are redoing our upstairs shower room, which he promised he would do last year. Unless I nag it would not get done.

  5. Welcome to my world! My husband is taking over our very tiny back bedroom. I may have to start closing the door. He takes forever to finish a project, too. It gets old after 36 years. I told him I was going to get a quote for new floors in the kitchen/bath. Of course, he said he’d do it. I had to be blunt and tell him I was paying someone to do it so it gets done in two days not two years! Not one of our houses was ‘done’ til we decided to sell. Then, he got the lead out and finished projects. sigh......

  6. I have the same, a wonderful caring helpful husband but needs tidying!!

  7. Your hubby seems to have a few "brothers" after reading all the comments. Mine is the same. My utility room is also his dumping ground, although he has a large garage and a shed. Another thing that sets my teeth on edge is any mail is opened, read and then dumped on the floor beside his chair, but never put back into the envelope. I fear we will never change them.

  8. Sounds like we should've married women ! heeee

  9. I get my husband to tidy up his "pile" by saying well just leave my stuff there when you have finished.............

    Julie xxxxxxx

  10. Alan is reasonably tidy but what I would change about him is his excessive acquisition of 'tools he needs or might need one day' and his buying something because he 'thinks he's got one but can't find it anywhere' ... we usually do find the one he knew he had just after he's finished using the new one!!


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