Thursday, 28 December 2017

Bloody broadband! And lots of cheap healthy veggies

I'm typing this post, but whether it gets published remains to be seen, as the broadband is constantly dropping out today, grrr.  When husband took Betty out this morning, he passed a BT engineer in the lane round the corner and stopped for a chat, pointing out that a big branch in a large tree nearby is resting heavily on the cable.  The engineer thanked him and said that was probably what had caused the fault in the broadband of the house he was seeing to.  Husband said we have reported this branch at least 4 or 5 times before....the engineer looked a bit sheepish and said he could understand why nobody has done anything about it before, as it takes so much paperwork and red tape before it can be done - identifying the owner of the land the tree is on, finding out if the tree has a preservation order on it, getting the owner's permission to prune it, getting in touch with the Highways Authority to close the road whilst the work is being carried out....etc etc.  For goodness sake!!!  Beggars belief.  And since the engineer was there this morning, our broadband has just gone haywire....whereas it was fine before, only dropping out the usual 2 or 3 times a day.  Honestly, it really annoys me that in this day and age, where most people have superfast fibre optic incredible speeds of 50-100mbps, we get the equivalent of two tin cans and a bit of string....and they even bugger that up!

Ok, rant over.  Went shopping this morning, quite a successful trip.  Got the cruet set I was after, in a sale.  I got a lovely long hooded wool cardigan, half price, husband got a nice polo shirt and pair of wet weather trousers for dog walking, also half price.  In the supermarket (As*a) they'd reduced loads of the fruit and veg to very cheap prices due to short dates....even short dated, it looks so much fresher and healthier than all the veg we bought in L*dl during our big shop 10 days ago.  Got a net bag of lovely huge unwaxed lemons - unwaxed ones are usually quite small, these are massive, reduced to 62p.  Bought a big cauli, white cabbage, baby parsnips, sprouts, broccoli, 3 swedes, asparagus, clementines, blueberries, pears and a load of salad stuff, all reduced.  Well, the pears weren't, they were about the only thing full price!

Also got 2 large half wheels of Stilton and 2 boxes of chocolates (new year and birthday presents), all half price.  The Stilton has gone in the freezer.  I also picked up some face cloths and pillowcases, 6 of each, which were also half price.  Oh, and not forgetting the eggs and bin liners.  Altogether I spent just over £36 in the supermarket, which I'm really pleased with.

The reason we bought so much fruit and veg is because we've decided that for one, possibly two days a week from now on, we will be eating just fruit and veg for the day, with a few nuts for protein and a little dairy in the form of Greek yogurt and a splash of milk in our tea/coffee.  We'll have fruit with a spoonful of Greek yogurt for breakfast, a salad for lunch, and a veg stirfry or plate of steamed veggies for dinner, dressed with a few walnuts or flaked almonds and soy sauce or a splash of fresh lemon juice or balsamic vinegar.  We could both do with losing weight but don't want to go down the route of dieting - a couple of days cutting out carbs and fats should be healthy enough.

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas.


  1. When a couple of our trees were touching the wire , they knocked the door asked if they were our trees and could they trim then . They threw the trimmed branches over for us to use , no red tape brilliant .

  2. I get so annoyed about the internet. We tried streaming a film on Boxing day and gave up in the end. No good trying to complain, they just get you going here and there on the pc and re starating the router etc and you get nowhere. Sill, better than my son in Ayre Scotland, he gets practically nothing because he is rural and still has to pay full whack.
    Fruit days sound like a good idea.


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