Tuesday, 12 December 2017

BettyBoo and the snow

Thanks for the comments on the last post.  Will have to go in a shop today and get a top up of fresh stuff, I will be as disciplined as possible!  Also have to go to the opticians to get my new glasses changed from varifocals to ordinary single vision lenses.  This is the second (3rd, possibly) time I've tried varifocals and I just cannot get used to them - same problem each time, I find it difficult to cope with the ground being so blurry, it makes me feel very uneasy.  Oh well, back to swapping between my distance and reading glasses....at least I'll have quite a substantial refund of cash back, as varifocals cost so much more than ordinary lenses.

We had hardly any snow to speak of.....Sunday it rained heavily most of the day, but then it started snowing late afternoon.  At first it wasn't settling because the ground was so wet, then we had great big fat flakes coming down for about an hour and gradually it began settling just on the grass.  We let Betty out in the garden to see it.....she was totally fascinated.  She just stood still gazing around for a few seconds, then suddenly started running around the lawn with her face pushed into it, literally hoovering up the snow, it was just so funny to watch.  OH went out and made a couple of (very small, since there wasn't much snow!) snowballs and threw them towards her, she crunched them up as if they were treats.  

You can see from the pics just how little snow we had....an hour later it had all gone.

Got up early this morning, having woken about 5 am and not being able to get back to sleep....the sky was midnight blue with not a cloud in sight, but loads of stars and a bright sliver of moon - beautiful.  Betty got out of her bed to greet me when I came downstairs, then went straight back to bed, obviously thinking 'well you may be a mad woman who gets up early, but I need my beauty sleep'.  She does like her sleep, she's a right teenager in the mornings and doesn't like getting up early.  She also sleeps a lot during the day:-

She looks so angelic when she's asleep!


  1. Oh how cute. Smudge used to love snow when he was younger. Not so keen now he's an old man though.

  2. Betty is adorable. She looks so cosy and peaceful :)

  3. And has her own pillow...ha ha ha ha. Love it.
    They say they are growing while they sleep.Look out!

  4. Oh, she is just so adorable, she really does need her beauty sleep!


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