Saturday, 18 November 2017

More Christmas stuff

Sorry, I know it's been a while (nearly 2 weeks....oops).  No good excuse really, just had nothing much to say.  

Thanks for all the comments on my last post - 20, a record for me.  Seems most of us don't fancy spending so much money on one meal - you could feed a whole tribe of family and friends for the Christmas period on what would be the cost of a Christmas Day meal in a restaurant.  As I said, the cost of a Christmas meal around here (between £50-£75) would be a fortnight's shopping (if not more) for us, so is totally unjustified.  

Thank you for the birthday wishes.  To answer some of the comments:-

Pam, no dancing round the kitchen yet, but am sure there will be!  Catriona, I'm surprised to hear that not much of the extra cost for the meal goes to the staff - terrible, where's their incentive to work then?  Toni-anne, no I can't imagine you being able to get through a big 3-course lunch!  Marlene, I hope you enjoyed your birthday.  Sandra, my CD player/DAB radio is a compact Bush model (didn't want one of those huge ghetto blasters), I like the look and portability of it, but the sound quality isn't great - it's ok for my purposes though, I can always play my CDs on the DVD player with the sound bar in the lounge if I want really good sound.  Dawn, good idea to go away for Christmas, we've done it a few times in the past when we had our caravan.  Vix, your Dead Relatives Society Christmas Day curry feast sounds good!  And good value too.  Hazel, your Christmas days sound lovely, and no stress for you!  Chris, yes I agree, I often think when we've gone out for a meal that turned out to be mediocre that I could have cooked it far better myself.

We've decided to have roast beef for our Christmas lunch - it's something we don't have very often due to cost, so we'll look forward to that.

We will be going out for an early Christmas dinner - our village parish council put on a 3-course Christmas meal plus coffee and mince pie, and entertainment (singers and/or a comedian), in the village hall in early December.  Haven't been before, but are going this year with our lovely friendly neighbours, it should be a good evening....and is certainly much MUCH cheaper than a Christmas Day meal out.

I'll be hanging my one decoration in December - a small wreath on the door.  I'm not a total Grinch, I do love all the Christmassy songs - classic choir hymn ones, old cheesy pop ones, good old Slade and Cliff Richard, etc. - I play them continually in December, much to OH's disgust.  We also like going out to see the Christmas light show put on by a number of houses in one cul de sac in Burnham on Sea - they all have incredible displays and collection boxes for charity.  I wouldn't fancy their electricity bills!


  1. We have been out once for a Christmas Day meal and have never repeated the was dreadful.
    We'll be having a wonderful day with my son, daughter in law and my gorgeous girls here at our house and I can't wait.

  2. Save your money, we went out for Christmas dinner back in 1994 when I was seven months pregnant and it's something I'd never do again. I cook a better meal myself and the staff just wanted us out of there so that they could get home to their families, which is understandable, I wouldn't want to work on Christmas day, but that's not what you expect when you pay their extortionate prices. We usually have a turkey crown and a joint of beef for Christmas dinner, there's usually seven of us, and the whole meal still works out less than it would cost for one of us to eat out.

  3. My favourite Christmassy thing is watching "Love, Actually", Hugh Grant and Colin Firth at their best.


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