Sunday, 22 October 2017

Getting a bit out of control....

With hindsight, perhaps October wasn't the best month to try and cut down drastically on food shopping spends.  Last week we were away on a last minute Mon-Fri break, stayed in a timber lodge on a quiet fishing site in north Devon, it was wonderful and totally made up for the disastrous holiday last month.  My £41 shop last weekend included some food for the holiday, but we did eat out a couple of times as well, so spent more on food than I would have if we'd been at home.  And tomorrow we have guests arriving to stay with us for a couple of days....they don't eat the same sort of things as we do - mainly junk or fast food! - and one of them is a very fussy eater, so that's meant we've had to buy more food than usual, and included things we wouldn't normally have.  E.g.  the fussy one only drinks cola, and branded at that - we never ever buy fizzy pop for ourselves and if we did, it wouldn't be an expensive branded one.

So yesterday we spent just over £70 on food shopping.  Oh well, I did stick to my list again and I've economised on some things, so £70 is probably less than I could have spent.  Our guests only have the leading brand of tomato ketchup - in our cupboard I had half a bottle of the supermarket own brand one I usually buy, plus a little bit left in a bottle of the leading brand one (bought from Approved Foods ages ago when they had it at a cheap price). I was planning on swishing it out with water and adding it to a stew or something, but had a brainwave - I poured the own brand one into the leading brand bottle and shook them together....we'll see if our guests actually notice the difference!  They don't read this blog so they won't know ;-).  So that saved me having to buy another (expensive) ketchup.

We've recently started having a dominoes and cards night every fortnight or so with our lovely friendly neighbours, we take it in turns to host and provide food and drink.  It's our turn this coming Friday but I don't have to buy anything extra for that, I'll make some snacks using what we've got.  We've got some beers, cider and wine too....I almost never drink alcohol and OH doesn't drink much, so what we get given or buy on special offer always sits in the cupboard for ages - useful for when we have guests.

I think I might try doing the restricted shop thing next month, nothing much planned so far, we're not going away and no guests visiting.

Thank you 50 and Counting (good luck with your reduced shopping!), Fishcake Random and Gemma's Person for your comments on my last blog - retirement (well, OH's) is going just fine, we're busier than ever.  Our Betty Boo is a year old this week, how time has flown!  She's as lovely as ever, still making us laugh every single day, still very stubborn but reasonably well behaved.  Our one-to-one training with the lovely Carrie-Anne has been put on hold as she is heavily pregnant, but hopefully we'll continue with it when Carrie's back to work.


  1. I would have swapped the tomato sauce as well, I find it very hard when fussy visitors come. I did a low spend September a couple of years ago, which worked for us.

  2. Bravo on the mixing of the two ketchups into one. If they are coming to visit and are that fussy they should bring their own food and drink. :)
    I like the idea of getting together with the neighbors. Usually if we do something like that we all carry a dish in to snack on for everyone.But, with just you two couples what you are doing might be best. Glad Betty is doing well. It surely can't be a year already. Wowee!
    I don't keep track of each trip like you do , but I have decided not to buy anything but milk/eggs and try to whittle down our food stocks. After all we are only two people. I may have more than we need for the rest of our lives. hardy har har

  3. I agree with Gemma's person, your guests should bring their own fizzy drinks. Well done on the mixing of the ketchup too. I now buy a Polish one from my local Tesco and it is cheaper and tastier than the premium brand. Enjoy your time with your guests though. xx

  4. Those people should stay home or buy their own food! I only drink one brand--Coke. But, I bring my own and some to share. I only buy one brand of catsup and will use nothing else. I would use catsup my host provided and keep my mouth shut.

  5. Oooo where was the lodge? We stayed in one North Devon year before last!


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