Saturday, 7 October 2017

2nd shop!

Firstly, welcome to new followers Deb B and Sue Hall, and thanks for the comments on my last post.  We're all noticing prices going up and shops taking stuff off their shelves to make room for seasonal (expensive) stuff.  Kate mentions very cheap frozen stuff in her T***o - we don't have a T***o round here (amazingly, thought they'd taken over the country!).  Apparently, they've been refused planning permission here (for some reason, I know not what) in the past.  However, someone told me the other day that an M&S food store will be opening up in our town next year, taking over the Buyology premises - they've only been open a few months but I'm not surprised they're closing, it looked like a jumble sale and sold rubbish stuff anyhow.

We had to go shopping again (sooner than I'd planned) as I'd run out of a few things.  Sugar - having made several apple cakes, chutney and jam over the past week, I'd used it all, and I still have one more lot of chutney to make.  My lactose-free milk - I generally get through 2 litres of fresh and 1 litre of longlife every 2 or 3 weeks....I was down to 1 fresh (in the freezer, I thought there were more) and 3 longlife.  However, when I opened a longlife yesterday, it had gone off - not surprising really as it transpired it was 4 months out of date.  So were the other 2....I suspect 'someone' (who shall remain nameless but it wasn't me!) had put the cartons away last time we bought them and hadn't put them behind the old stock.  I opened the other had also gone off and the other was on the turn, so I made scones with it and froze them.  I'd also run out of antibac kitchen spray - I thought there was another one in the cupboard - there was, but it turned out to be window cleaner.

I had a quick look at MySupermarket to see where my milk was cheapest (it's gone up in price quite a bit recently, generally £1.40 a litre) and As*a had it on offer at £1 for fresh, and 4 for £4 for longlife.  They also had some meat joints in their 3 for £10 offer, 950g boneless pork leg and 750g gammons.  And my favourite coffee, those Nesc**e cappuccino sachets, on offer at £1.50 per pack, they usually range in price from £1.50 to £2.98....generally nearer the top end.  I know they're an indulgence, but I only have 1 a day, first thing in the morning, very occasionally a 2nd in the afternoon.  Their Extra Special bacon rashers were 2 packs for £4 as well.

So I ended up spending £51.41, but bought enough milk to last me 6 or 8 weeks and saving £6.40 whilst it was on offer, 8 boxes of my coffees saving £4+, a boneless pork leg joint and 2 gammon joints (no waste and they'll each do us for several meals), bacon and some dog treats on offer, plus the sugar, kitchen spray and some cheese which was also on offer.  I saved about £15 altogether so, although I spent more than I was hoping, we got some very good deals and bought things which will last us several weeks.


  1. I also love my special first coffee of a cappuccino sachet in the morning. I've tried all now - and love them all so don't have to buy nescafe ones. Poundland and Aldi and Asdas own. some are a bit sweet but luscious.
    Buyology? what a weird name!

  2. Good savings, we've stocked up on long life milks while they've been on offer. I know what you mean about certain things disappearing to make space for seasonal items too.

  3. We have to make savings any way we can even if it means going over budget for that month to save in the long run, prices are getting silly, a lot of people will soon be pleading poverty.

  4. Definitely stock up while you can get good prices Sooze even if it does mean going over budget a bit for one week.


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