Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Betty back to normal, and food processing

Thank you for your kind comments, as always.  I stayed downstairs on the sofa for 2 nights, to keep an eye on Betty - she was quite restless and out of sorts.  She's now been back to the vet for her post-op check and has been pronounced absolutely fine, the cut is healing so well not even another dressing needed, and we don't have to take her back again unless there are any problems.  We've to keep on with her anti-inflammatory pain med for another 2 or 3 days, small meals spread throughout the day rather than the 2 large ones she normally has, and only short walks on the lead for a further week.  That's going to be the hardest thing - she's already back to being full of beans and is straining at the leash to be let off and run!  We've decided to take her for 5 or 6 short walks daily for the time being, rather than the 2 or 3 long walks/runs she normally has.  Thank goodness husband's retired!

It's totally amazing to me that she's so well and lively after what is, after all, a total hysterectomy - if that was one of us ladies, we'd not be feeling like running around 3 days after the op!  Animals are just so incredibly resilient.

It was a shame about our holiday, to be honest it really didn't feel much like a holiday at all.  We're hoping we may be able to get away for a short break in the not too distant future.

I'm having a day in the kitchen (just sat down for a quick coffee and rest) - there's so much fruit and veg produce to deal with and process at the mo.  I've just made bread dough and chopped carrots, onion and beetroot in the processor to make veggie/bean burgers.  Our friendly neighbours gave us a bag of cooking apples last week, I'll be making a couple of apple cakes, possibly some chutney, and simply stewing some for the freezer.  Bought a massive cauli reduced to 40p yesterday, will make a couple of cauli/macaroni cheese dishes to freeze.  Husband brought in two courgettes that had turned into marrows (he said he didn't see them!!) - one we'll have stuffed probably for dinner tomorrow, the other I'll grate and add to the pack of minced lamb I have in the freezer, that'll make a couple of shepherds pies.


  1. Bless little Betty.
    It's good to know that she is healing well and getting back to her normal self.
    A day in the kitchen sounds lovely....me....I am spider hunting...yuck.

  2. Glad to hear that Betty is feeling good. I had a jelly making session this morning and hope to get the jelly bag set up again tonight. It is a good feeling to see the cupboards filling up with good things ready for the winter.

  3. Glad to hear that Betty's doing well. I remember Archie having the chop, he was really out of sorts afterwards and in quite a bit of pain, and it's much, much worse for lady dogs. Sorry to hear about your holiday, we had a week away at the beginning of August which didn't really pan out as we'd hoped so we came home early too, but we had a second week away at the beginning of September which was much better. I hope you do manage to get away again.


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