Thursday, 3 August 2017


Thank you for the lovely comments about my beautiful Betty, she's my baby and I love her to bits, she's enriched our lives so much and I cannot imagine life without her.

Ever since I sprained my Achilles tendon (about 3 months ago now), I've been hobbling about like an old woman, limping, unable to stand in the kitchen for more than a few minutes without having to bend forward clutching the worktop for support.  Walking in the field with the dog is a complete No No, the ploughed uneven surface kills my leg and back.  My limping awkward posture exacerbates my long term back problem and makes my left hip hurt like hell.  I'm fed up with being crippled, having to curtail what I can do, and taking painkillers 3x daily - I don't want to live like that (GP said the tendon could take 3-6 months to heal, and to keep taking painkillers in the meantime).

I know I could go back to the chiropractor (Magic hands Mark) who sorted my back out the last time, I'm sure he could work miracles with my back again and the tendon.  But it costs around £40 a visit, and he suggests 2 or 3 treatments a week for 2 or 3 weeks (the cynical part of me says of course he would!).  I can't - well, I don't want to - afford that, not now husband is retired.  Then I remembered my SiL and a couple of other people I know do yoga - for various reasons - and all swear by it.  I googled and found that, not only does it help with physical problems, it also helps relax you, eases stress and helps you sleep - all of which I need help with.

I found out there's a weekly class in our nearest village and emailed the teacher, who sounded lovely when she replied very promptly.  To cut a long story short, I went on Tuesday evening for my first (free taster) class.  I was worried it would be full of skinny, lithe and supple, lycra clad 20 year olds (although Jayne the teacher had assured me it's not in her email) - thankfully she was right, it's a small class, only about 8 people.  They're all middle aged and mostly not skinny, there's even one man (usually 2 apparently, the 2nd was on holiday).  And they're all of different abilities....oh, and there was one other newbie starting, a lady of 81!!

I won't deny I found some of it quite hard....I was stretching muscles I didn't even know I had, and getting in positions I never have before.  And having big boobs and a fat tummy made some of the poses awkward!  But Jayne the teacher was very good, helping me out with suggestions for slightly easier ways of doing things.  Everyone was very welcoming and encouraging and I really enjoyed it.  I actually slept quite well that night and, although my muscles ached the next day - and today, possibly even more today - the lower back pain I've had constantly every day for the past few weeks has downgraded to mere soreness.  I'm also standing taller and straighter, and all this after just one session - amazing.  I will definitely be going every week, I've even bought a yoga mat (a lovely purple one).  So it's sorting my back pain out, helping me sleep, relaxing and making me more supple (in time!) and is only costing me £5 a week!


  1. I am sure you and me would be friends in the "real" world!! I too have just this last week started doing yoga - for my hip and foot mainly. I followed an article in the newspaper about a lady who's 75 and a yoga teacher (Barbara Currie). I started with 8 simple stretches and have now bought a book on 10 min yoga. So far it's definitely eased my stiffness so I'm carrying on. I can't find a class anywhere near me though unfortunately.

  2. Well done you, keep it up.

  3. Yoga is great, I did it for years, but most of the local classes are in the day time. I have found a local class now I have retired and will start in September.

  4. Excellent, Francesca goes to Pilates every week and it has helped her immensely. I would love to do either that or yoga but there are no classes close to me.

  5. Yes, I go to Pilates every week to help my back as it's a chronic problem for me too. I had all your worries but the class is mixed in age, size etc and no one bothers. Like your yoga class, we work at what suits our needs. Wish I had started years ago! Catriona

  6. It sounds like a good class. I'm glad you've discovered something that helps.
    I've always found yoga to help with back issues. I'd love to go to a class myself but they are all too expensive around here. I'll see if I can find some online tutorials. X

  7. That sounds fabulous Sooze.
    We have no classes of any kind nearby which is why I would love to move nearer to town. I don't drive so being nearer to town would give me access to lots of things. Sadly we have no plans to sell up and move-x-

  8. I love yoga! I also have the chronic back problem. I've always done yoga on my own, never could afford classes. I recommend it to everyone. I have yet to have anyone take me up on it, though.
    On a side note.. We have a shelter dog that is half shar-pie and half beagle, if you can imagine. (Not sure I spelled it right.) She's a great dog and we wouldn't trade her for anything. She has a bit of a corkscrew tail. Some days I'm afraid she's going to have lift-off!

  9. Glad to hear you have some respite with your back pain I have often thought of yoga, because everyone I know says it is gentle but effective. Constant back pain is tiring isn't it? Some days, I find if I move it hurts & others it hurts if I don't, just can't win.


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