Monday, 24 July 2017

We're all different!

Thank you for all the comments on my last post.  I want to address something that's come up from Galant (Margaret P) who made 3 long comments.

Firstly Margaret, thank you for your kind comments about my hands/nails (incidentally, the varnish is coming off today, having done some weeding and lots of veg prep, including podding loads of peas, over the weekend, it's chipping off so I have a legitimate excuse to remove it!).  

You ask whether being a country girl precludes us from wearing makeup or taking care of, of course not.  Just because I choose not to wear makeup, wear varnish or mess around with my hair, doesn't mean I don't take care of myself.  I do take particular care of my face, using hypoallergenic products, as I have sensitive skin and the occasional bout of eczema (another reason why I don't wear makeup!).  I also regularly use hand cream.  I don't wear perfume as I'm clearly super-tasty and get bitten by any insect in the vicinity, so don't want to encourage the little buggers by smelling like a flower!

Everyone is different, some like to spend time (and money) on makeup and having their nails and hair done, others don't, for whatever reasons.  My reasons are that I can think of better things to spend my money on (particularly now OH is retired and we have less income), and I don't feel the need to - I don't need to do myself up to feel good about myself, I'm perfectly happy as I am.  And as we've been happily married for 34 years, my husband is clearly happy with me too.

Incidentally, the only time I wear trackie bottoms and old t-shirts is when we're decorating!

I used to wear makeup, do my nails and hair when I was a secretary - case of having to, although the makeup and nail varnishing got less and less over the years to the bare minimum of makeup and no varnish, although my nails were always shaped and tidy.  Since stopping work (well, paid employment) a few years ago and living in our little idyll in the country, I no longer bother simply because I don't want to!

To answer your last question, Margaret - yes I have had my makeup professionally done, once, a long time ago.  I wasn't overly keen on it then and wouldn't do it now.

Thank you for all your encouragement for me, and the other ladies who said they don't faff about with their appearances either, to do all these things, but I won't I said before, it's just not me and I'm happy as I am!

Admittedly, I did have a few days where I was quite down about my weight and didn't like what I saw in the mirror, but that was just a hormonal blip, I'm not always like that.


  1. Great post.

    I am a complete and total townie, I love the fact that the countryside exists but I have no desire at all to spend time in it! But I've never had my nails done, I've very recently started wearing nail vanish on my toes, but I don't on my fingers because I'm always using my hands for quilting, sewing, cooking etc and it would take up more time than I wish to give it to keep my nails unchipped and lovely. I do have my hair cut but don't really wear make up at the moment, but I flip and flop depending on how I feel from year to year. I still think I look nice, I'm clean and neat which is the main thing.

  2. I am so glad you have written his post, Sooze,it clearly demonstrates that you do care for you skin; you moisturize it and that is the best thing you can do for skin. And we are all different and I respect that. I buy little makeup, a bottle of Boots foundation will last me 6 months or more, and if I buy any face powder, just to take off the shine but not to be covered in the stuff, heaven forefend, it's Rimmel and very inexpensive. Much of the cost of expensive makeup is, as we know, in the packaging. You can buy inexpensive products, but as you say, you are happy not to wear make-up or have your nails painted, and if you are happy that is the most important thing.
    What a shame you are tasty to insects! I love perfume, that is my one weakness as Dorcas Lane would've said (Lark Rise to Candleford) (plus books, of course.)
    Thank you for having explained more clearly that you do care for your appearance, and actually, I'm rather glad that the purple polish has now disappeared - you have nice-shaped nails and they will look better with out that rather loud colour, ha ha!

    1. I chose that rather loud colour because purple happens to be my favourite colour....along with pink! I never said I didn't like my painted nails....I do like them actually, but on someone else's hands, just not mine!

  3. I know where you're coming from. I'm a townie to the core. BUT I'm a nurse. Nail polish is a no. Some of my younger coworkers wear it but there are forever emails coming out about it.

    Makeup at work? Forget it. I sweat like a horse when running around on a ward. My mascara made me look like a racoon by the end of the shift.

    So now, the nails are only polished when I'm off for more than two days in a row (which doesn't happen often in summer). Make up, is down to eyes, lips, and blush. Foundation has been replaced by a BB cream and is used mainly in winter.

    I have an assortment of brands from high to cheapo. And some of the cheapest I enjoy the most.

    Do what works for your life and enjoy it.

    Oh, and purple nail polish? I'm loving the lilac colours for summer and purples for winter

  4. Well said Sooze - It's so good to hear that so many of us feel comfortable just being ourselves without the need for the war paint that our Mothers and Grandmothers felt that they 'had to' wear to keep up appearances xx

  5. No point in trying to be something we are not just for the sake of keeping up appearances, if you are happy as you are good for you, I love purple its my favourite colour.

  6. As an aside, may I recommend Avon 'Skin So Soft' moisturising cream - it has a brilliant side effect and that is it repels the nasty biting insects! It really works. I was very cynical but as someone whose blood is coveted by every flying bug, I tried it in desperation - and have used it ever since, particularly on my camping trips.

    1. My goodness, SSS ... I used to use that in the 1960s! There used to be SSS bath oil and it was lovely and smelt gorgeous! Not used Avon in years, but hearing of SSS brings back happy memories of their products in those days, such as Somewhere fragrance. They did cream fragrances in pretty little pots - wish I had some of those now!
      Margaret P

    2. Don't knock the Avon SSS oil,it's been revamped and is still a massive seller after all these years,and as Ramble pointed out with added insect repellent 🐜😬


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