Thursday, 27 July 2017

To change the subject....Betty pics!

Let's get away from the makeup stuff and have some lovely doggy pics.  Firstly though, I must say thanks for all the comments.  Rambler, thank you for that, I had heard about the Avon SSS before but thought it was a myth!

First one:-

There's a bronze statue of a sailor called Yankee Jack on the esplanade at Watchet.....Betty thought it was a real man and really wanted to meet him

She was quite put out when he didn't make a fuss of her!

Having a rest in the long grass over the Marshes nature reserve, all that running around sniffing wears you out!

Sorting out her toy box to find the one she really wants to play with

Avidly watching CountryFile - she's a right telly addict, especially when there are animals or birds on.

And finally worn out at the end of a long day....just look at that lovely squishy face, makes my heart melt.


  1. Lovely to see how betty is doing, I love seeing animals watching the tv, very amusing.

  2. Lovely photos of Betty. I thought I recognised Yankee Jack as I live about twenty minutes away from there.

    Julie xxxxx

  3. Your dog is adorable!!!
    Margaret P

  4. Aaw just look at her face!! Adorable.
    Been to the vets today and met a teeny weeny jack russel pup. Sadly purchased without seeing mother dog - from a van in a Sports Direct car park (arranged meeting place!!) - vet confirmed it was only 6 weeks old. I was smitten!

  5. Your photos of Betty trying to make friends with the statue reminds me of a video I've seen on YouTube - a Border Collie repeatedly picking up a stick and dropping it at the feet of a statue depicting a man sitting on a bench. The dog excitedly barks at the 'man' to throw it for him, dashing back and forth to show him what is needed! So comical! Betty is gorgeous - what a lovely squishy face she has.

  6. I remember seeing that statue when we were in Watchet a year or two ago.

  7. Her little face makes my heart melt too Sooze.
    She is just so flippin' gorgeous-x-

  8. Betty is beautiful. Gorgeous girl


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