Monday, 10 July 2017

Stagnant but happy! (and cooler)

Thanks once again for all the supportive comments, I really feel I'm committed to this diet now.  Oh and Galant/Margaret - when I said Onwards and Downwards, I was actually referring to my weight going downwards, not my mood.  My mood is fine, although I'm not overly happy with what I see in the mirror I'm not depressed about it, and I know there are things I could do if it all really bothered me that much.  E.g. I could wear false eyelashes....but to be honest I simply can't be bothered with all that faffing about.  And I do use a thickening spray on my hair if I'm blowdrying it before going out....if we're staying home I don't usually even bother with blowdrying, I just leave it to dry naturally.  After all, it's not like my husband, being a man, would even notice!  Haha.  

I haven't lost anything since the last weigh in, but that's ok, I know it's just a bit of a plateau whilst my body's adjusting to less carbs and a smaller amount of food, I feel sure I'll lose a bit more this week.  

Thankfully it's a bit cooler today so am feeling more comfortable - hot sunshine or, even worse, muggy humid weather just kills me.  I'm hoping that might be a bonus of losing a good bit of weight too - the heat won't make me feel so ill.

OH has made a start on the makeover of our utility room, he's emptying the old wall cupboards of his tools and transferring them to his shed (having finally finished building it, after many weeks!), and is taking the cupboard doors off and renewing the hinges.  Now we just need to finish emptying out the room and pin down the plasterer to come and give us a quote for the work - he's been a bit elusive the past week or fact I haven't seen him at all (he's a neighbour).  I'm not going to put new Fablon on the cupboard doors until after the ceiling's been replastered, and obviously there's no point putting new vinyl flooring down either until all the decorating's been done.  Well, the floor needs re-concreting first anyhow!


  1. Lol Sooze....I'm not much of a hair faffer either. I don't even blowdry.

    Perhaps your plasterer is off with our plumber somewhere....we still have a bath and side panel in the bedroom waiting to be fitted in the bathroom.

    You sound so much more upbeat today-x-

  2. Thank you for your comment on my blog, I laughed at your 'why does it have to happen an hour before you go out? You're so right!! Well done on your hubby getting the shed done, mine has bought a lock for the garage door, so there's hope all the boxes from where we moved 6 weeks ago in the utility room will get moved into the garage.

  3. Sorry, Sooze, I thought you meant your mood, not your weight, ha ha! Downwards for weight is how I should be aiming, too! Well done, you on losing some!
    Oh dear, not drying your hair because your husband wouldn't notice. Do it for yourself, girl. Do your hair, put on some makeup, put on some smart clothes (an apron will cover them when you cook or do housework). I aim to look smart for myself - if husband notices, OK, but if he doesn't it, well, that's OK, too. I always compliment him if he looks well dressed or if he's used some of his cologne (he's lost his sense of smell so even though I encourage him to use it, he often forgets).
    Oh, I envy you having a utility room, that mush be such a bonus. What I would love is a dedicated laundry room, so that the washing machine, tumble dryer, ironing board and all the things for ironing, steam iron, lavender water spray, cupboards for the linen, would all be together in one lovely place. I think this would make ironing definitely more pleasurable.
    Yes, this cooler weather is lovely. Never thought I'd say that, we all long for summer but the heat was just too much, wasn't it? Today we have rain. Not only cooling but refilling the reservoirs, watering the gardens and sluicing out the drains.
    Margaret P


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