Friday, 7 July 2017

Onwards and downwards

Thank you all for the really supportive lovely comments the other day when I was having a hormonal fat day - I guess we all get days like that.  A few of you suggested I focus on the things I like when I look in the mirror....well, to be honest, there's not really much I like about me right now.  I used to have lovely thick hair and nice long eyelashes - since going through the menopause though both my hair and eyelashes have thinned out considerably.  And my bum, which was relatively flat before, has expanded hugely (well, it seems huge to me) - I now have a BeyoncĂ© bum!  Oh well, at least I fill out my jeans now and they don't wrinkle around my bum like they did before.  

But I am pleased to say I've lost 8 pounds so far, I'm very happy about that.

Oh, there is one thing I'm quite pleased about - since almost cutting out bread and most simple carbs, my face is noticeably less bloated.  So that's good.


  1. Go Sooze....8lbs is fabulous-x-

  2. Well done you, I have just written a post like your past one, I am very down, but not weight down!

  3. Well done, I know bread is one of my problems.

  4. Well done. I know I need to cut down on the amount of bread I eat. X

  5. Sooze, I just caught up with your blog. You have done amazingly
    Well to lose 8 lbs already....over half a stone! Keep going girl, you can do it. I can't eat much when it's so hot but annoyingly I'm not losing weight :/ I feel quite bloated too so perhaps I ought to try cutting out bread. Well done Sooze, well done x

  6. Onwards and DOWNWARDS? Dear girl, fret yet not! These battle scars come with age - grey hair, sometimes thinning hair. I spent a summer actually bald when I had chemo, so I'm glad of any hair these days! And my eyebrows never grew back properly and any hairs that are there are now white anyway, and I have to pencil, very gently so that they look as natural as possible, my eyebrows every morning. Even my nails suffered and became ridges so that now, no matter what I do (and I can eat jelly till kingdom come but it makes no difference!) they split vertically. I can do nothing about sparse eyelashes, either, but hey, as I've said before, I'm still here! Get a grip girl (says she, kindly!) Remember the Mantra ..."you's beautiful, you's clever, you's special!"
    Margaret P


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