Sunday, 23 July 2017

I've swapped hands with my sister!

Good grief, it's been almost a fortnight since I last posted, don't know where the time has gone.  We haven't been doing anything exciting, just normal stuff, I guess there's just been quite a lot to do.  

Well, I suppose there was one sort of exciting thing....I had my first ever professional manicure last week, at my ripe old age! (well, middle age 😉 ).  

(Look at my short pudgy fingers!).  I had the full works, nails soaked, hands massaged with a nice almond smelling cream, cuticles dealt with, nails shaped then soaked again.  Then a base coat, 2 coats of purple varnish, tips dusted with pink glitter and a final top coat applied.  The pic is 3 or 4 days after the event so the varnish is starting to chip off now.

And this is why I've never had it done before - the nails are lovely.....but it is just so not me!  I keep looking at my hands and it's like looking at someone else's hands - my sister's for example, she often has her nails done.  Truth be told, I can't wait to get it off....I'm only keeping it on for another day or 2 because the nail technician is a neighbour and I don't want to hurt her feelings.  I have just never been one for putting on makeup, messing around with my hair or doing my nails - I reckon I was born to be a country girl, whereas my sister is definitely a townie! I can at least say I've tried it, but doubt I'll be having it done again....except possibly for a special occasion.

I'm doing a little experiment at the mo, to see how long I can go for without doing any shopping - I last shopped on Wednesday of last week.  We have plenty in, and are getting a fair bit of produce from the garden now - the first tomatoes, cucumbers and salad leaves in abundance, new potatoes, carrots, peas and courgettes.  All the strawberries, blackcurrants and blueberries have been picked and frozen, we're getting a few raspberries every other day (some of the rasps are summer ones, some autumn).  We'll have a good crop of eating apples and pears for the first time this year too.  There's enough dairy stuff and eggs to keep us going for probably another week, plenty of meat in the freezer, plenty of flour/yeast for bread making.  And plenty of Betty food, homemade and bought, in as well.

My weight loss is still stalling, only half a pound last week and nothing the week before.  I'm not worried about it though, am sure it will kick start again soon...I might do an extra fasting day this week.


  1. Ha, ha, you sound like me! I was born a townie, but a country girl at heart. I have often wondered what it would be like to have nice nails and hair, but to be honest it just just isn't me and I would not enjoy it.

    Julie xxx

  2. Your nails look lovely, but perhaps you'd have been happier with a lighter colour (not deep purple) and without the glitter? I like pale brownish pink or really deep French red and only those colours, regardless of what fashion dictates, and I don't like the vogue for green and blue nails at all, but if people like them, and think they look pretty, then that's fine by me. You have lovely nails, try another colour, but don't give up on having your hands made really pretty, because even if you have short fingers, your hands can still look lovely, and they do. I don't think it's really about being a townie or a country girl, it's simply taking care of ourselves - perhaps you feel that time spent on yourself is time squandered? You'd much rather be doing something else. I like to make myself as presentable as I can even if doing 'just' the housework. Making myself look as good as I can makes me feel better, I walk taller, and I move more better, if that makes sense? Rather than slouching in tracky bottoms and well-worn tops (not that I have any tracky bottoms - they aren't something I'd buy anyway, but I'm sure you know what I mean.) So enjoy having nicely done nails, apply some lipstick, have a really good haircut (if you haven't already), and wear nice clothes around the house (I'm not implying you are wearing non-nice clothes, just that some people keep good clothes only for 'best' and the problem with that is 'best' seldom arrives.) I do think you will feel the benefit. And believe me, your nails and hands look really lovely.
    Margaret P

  3. It sounds like you're eating really healthily from all your own produce xx

  4. I don't possess one item of make up and have never had nails done.I hurry in to change if I've had to dress up for going somewhere.
    Just a complete waste of money for me, I'm a down to earth country person through and through and don't need all the faff

  5. Well done with the weight loss. I'm on the stress diet, it's not worked so far, but I'm sure it will. I've just started having hot flushes, so I guess it's all downhill from here, although, having a Beyonce bottom isn't such a bad thing ;)

  6. I had a manicure last month and within an hour I was in greenhouse playing in the dirt. I do love a pedicure. I have not lost as much weight, but I am losing inches around my middle.

  7. Just a thought, chaps ... but does being a 'country' person preclude one from making an effort to look nice? I don't mean dressed to the nines, or made up like a model, but with nice hair, basic makeup so we don't look like we've been pulled through a hedge backwards? Even in jeans and T-shirt, I wear some (but not a lot of) makeup and spritz with perfume. I feel I owe it to myself to make the best of myself. But I still love the countryside, I mightn't herd goats or keep chickens, but I still do as much gardening as my arthritis will allow, bake all my own cakes, etc, but I still take care of my appearance.
    It's a great morale booster to look good, too. I went into our local shop recently - indeed, I was just off to a country fair - and the assistant said "My, you look lovely!" This was indeed a compliment as I'm 72! I was in indigo jeans, white shirt, navy and white Converse sneakers, and with some make up. It really made my day. Margaret P

  8. The last time I wore make up was nearly seven years ago at my sons wedding. It was kept on for the ceremony and washed off as soon as we got to the reception hall and I have never had my nails done in my life.
    Yours do look very nice though I must say-x-

  9. PS I don't wish to be intrusive, or hog this comment column, but how about you girls who don't wear makeup booking yourself a makeup session in a dept store?
    I did this last year. And it was totally free, I wasn't obliged to buy anything (although I did, but it was made clear I didn't need to.)
    I felt that perhaps my makeup routine had become a bit stale and I didn't want to look like one of these old biddies whose makeup techniques had bene learnt in the 1950s and hadn't moved on? Bright blue eye-shadow is fine on a teenager if it's the current fashion, but not on a 60- or 70-something.
    So I had my makeup done by the Lancôme beautician and it was lovely, very subtle. I said I didn't wish to end up looking like a drag act, and I didn't.
    Besides, it was actually great fun! Makeup is there to enhance what we have and diminish the points that we don't like (e.g. wispy eyebrows - mine are awful, but with a bit of subtle pencilling in ash blond, I look as if I'm not just sprouting hairs - there are also liquid eye make-ups now for brows which are also very subtle.)
    So all you chaps who profess to not like makeup, or actually can't be bothered to wear it as it's not worth the effort, i.e. it's time squandered, then I say, give it a go again.
    And then, if you still don't like it, I'll eat my hat (provided it's made from marzipan!)
    Margaret P

  10. Your nails look lovely Sooze. Only 1/2lb loss this week - no such thing as only, remember 1/2lb a week amounts to almost 2 stones in a year!

  11. Speaking as a country girl from Canada, I really see no need to apply makeup to make me beautiful - God already saw to that! A good skin cleansing regime, strong sunblock, & moisturizer will keep me as lovely as the Creator made me.
    I'm not completely without vanity; when we go visiting or to a function I will apply mascara.
    To imply that those of us girls who feel pretty & confident (just as we are) do not take care of ourselves is simply a difference of opinion.
    Never mind the track pants, I've been known to go out & do chores in pyjamas (because they're lightweight in hot humid summer, I have plenty, & they're easily washed).
    I'll bet THAT alone will have me tagged as scandalous!

  12. I like to have a manicure now and then, but never with nail-polish. It does my nails good to have them pampered and the awful cuticles banished! xx

  13. can't believe that I missed this,I threw my makeup away many years ago, good skin care and lots of SPF 50 keeps my face in fine fettle. I do wear perfume every day, I love it. My nails are slowly improving, very slowly but I would not have the patience to sit for a manicure, any more than I can for a hair dresser to faff around. I am a country girl(old that is) but not a bumpkin chewing on a straw. I like to dress well, mostly in things that I have made myself. I own 1 pair of jogging bottoms, with a matching zip top and they are in fuchsia velour.


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