Friday, 30 June 2017

Slimming down (clothes and body)

Thanks once again for the positive comments, we're really getting into the Fasting diet and feeling confident we'll be able to carry it on indefinitely.  We had our second fast day on Wednesday, had mushroom omelette and tinned tomatoes for brunch, followed by veggie stirfry with a small amount of thinly sliced beef for dinner.  I used a supermarket pack of ready-prepared stirfry veg - won't be doing that again, it was too full of hard big pieces of core and stem and stringy outer leaves of cabbage.  I only bought it for convenience, as we were going to be out for most of the day and I wouldn't have a lot of time for chopping loads of veg.  We do like stirfries though and it's a good thing to have on fast days, I'll just make sure I prep my own veg in future.

I've ordered a couple of fasting/low carb books from A**zon, looking forward to getting those.  Haven't weighed yet but definitely feel less bloated already.  I've managed to get out with OH for dog walking 4 times this week, but am still having bad backache and lots of muscle would help if I remembered to do the exercises the chiropractor gave me!

We'll be having the next fast day on Sunday, it'll probably be 2 rashers of bacon with mushrooms and tinned or fresh grilled tomatoes again for brunch, OH likes to feel he's still able to have a cooked breakfast on a Sunday, albeit without the beans or toast!  I'll do poached chicken breast with a pile of green veggies for dinner.  I doubt we'll do the same days every week for the fasting, it will depend on what we're doing, but we'll definitely try to have 2 (or even 3) fast days per week.

I spent Wednesday going through my wardrobe and chests of drawers and thinning them out.  I was quite ruthless, throwing out anything I didn't love wearing or hadn't worn for about a have 2 dustbin bags full of clothes and a carrier bag of shoes for the charity shop.  So there's now plenty of room for the new clothes I shall need when I've lost loads of weight!  😎

It looks like I have another couple of new followers, welcome and thank you for reading.


  1. Sounds like you're doing great. I love sorting clothes. I like to keep something that doesn't currently fit me so that I can see progress (hopefully). My current item is a pair of White Stuff sale cropped jeans which won't go above my thighs now - even though last summer they fitted and only a 14!! God!!!

  2. You're doing really well. I think you have a determined attitude.
    I need to do something myself. The weight creeps on when I'm complacent. X

  3. Well done, both on the diet and the turn out. Neither are easy things, I keep a close eye on my wardrobe ad anything that doesn't see the light of day for a few months either gets worn, upcycled or turfed out.

  4. Sounds like you are doing really well Sooze...good on yer gal :)-x-

  5. sounds like you are doing great, I actually have a 5;2 book so may have to have a peak at it when I get back from my holibobs.


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