Thursday, 1 June 2017

It's started

Well, two things have actually.

The big news is of course that OH is now officially retired.  He finished his last shift early.....clocking out at 01.00 am, about 3 hours earlier than normal.  He'd requested a shorter, easier run as it was his last day (and why not?!).  The manager called everyone together and made a (very nice, apparently) speech and presented him with a lovely watch (from the Company), huge card signed by everyone and an envelope of cash from the staff whipround.  Lots of his colleagues, and the management, said they'd enjoyed working with him and would miss him, the manager also told him that if he ever wanted to go back, there would always be a job for him (he's 66, how long do they expect him to carry on working for?! lol).  He had lots of hugs, very touching seeing as they're mostly big hairy male lorry drivers!  He was well liked there, I'm so pleased he had a good last day. 

He's got mixed feelings at the moment, understandably.  Whilst he's very relieved to have finally given up work after 51 years, and he had been finding driving long hours on night shifts an increasing strain recently, he's also going to miss his colleagues and all the banter, if not the actual work.  He's a relaxed happy-go-lucky soul though, loves working in the garden, taking Betty out and disappearing for chats with the neighbours, so I'm certain he'll not miss work for long. 

And the second, not so welcome (in fact positively unwelcome!) thing that's started is to do with Betty.  As I said, she's having her first season, she's a week into it now, her behaviour is definitely off kilter but things haven't been too bad.  But this afternoon she started whining at the door to be let out in the garden for a wee, or so we thought.  Well, when OH opened the door she shot out, barking, closely followed by OH - one of the farm dogs (none of them are neutered) was in the garden, it had obviously jumped clean over the fence.  Betty, bless her, chased it straight back out again!  Good girl, she's clearly not yet in the mood!!

We went out and bought some trellis to fix along the top of the fence, raising the height of it by a foot or so.  And she won't be going out in the garden now without one of us checking it out first and staying out there with her.  Roll on another month or two when we can have her spayed and we (and she) won't have to go through it all again.


  1. Congratulations to your OH on his retirement xx

  2. Enjoy the retirement, and that was lucky for Betty, xx

  3. Congratulations on your husbands retirement, If the government have their way we'll all be working forever.........

    Obviously Betty didn't like that particular dog.

    Julie xxxxx

  4. P missed the manly chats too but that has been solved by the Shed group he now belongs to. Gives me an occasional afternoon to myself too! Fortunetly too most of our Gite guests are chatty so that keeps him happy!

  5. My hubby had a small job driving mini buses for local charities just a couple hours two or three days a week, he does get paid and can choose when he wants to work, he loves the role and it's helping him slow down after full time work. Enjoy your time together.


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