Sunday, 25 June 2017

How to tackle the weight problem

Thank you so much again for the lovely supportive comments, I've been so touched by the amount of empathy and positive support I've had from you all.  Pam, I did laugh at your first comment when you said "Keep your chin up" - it should have read 'chins' plural!

Starting diets (or healthy eating regimes) has never been a problem for's keeping it going that I find hard.  So I'll need support in a month or so if I find my resolve wavering - I'll have to make sure I come back and admit to it if I'm losing my mojo.

OH is keen to lose weight too - like me, he's lost around a stone since we've had Betty, but it seems to have come to a standstill now and he'd ideally like to lose at least another stone.

On Friday we went out for a pub lunch.  I had a Ploughmans, with huge wedges of cheese, some doorstep sliced freshly baked bread, both wholemeal and white, and a generous ramekin of butter - none of those tiny little foil-wrapped packets!  It came with a lovely mixed salad with seeds and balsamic dressing, slices of apple, pickled onions and 2 kinds of pickle, it was gorgeous.  And then I had a dessert, which I very rarely do - since being diagnosed as diabetic I almost never eat puddings of any kind, unless we're staying with someone or on rare occasions when we go out for a meal.  I had a Black Forest Sundae - it was pieces of chocolate cake with chocolate ice cream, cherries soaked in Kirsch, chocolate chips, topped with cream and a Flake.  Oh yum, it was lovely if extremely sweet.  I didn't eat it all myself, we got 2 spoons and shared it between us.  And then last night we had takeaway fish and chips for supper, another rare treat.

There is a point to eating all that calorific/carby food - I knew that it would make me feel unwell.  Lots of carbs, especially wheat-based ones, and sugar always affects me, making my joints ache, giving me bad stomach upsets and severe bloating, and making me feel very lethargic and just total yuck really.  Which is exactly how I woke up feeling this morning.  It's like I need to make myself ill to get the resolve to do something about it, it certainly puts me off carby, sweet or heavy food for a few days.

So the new healthy eating regime starts now.  We've had a discussion about how to go about it and have decided to do Michael Mosley's 5:2 diet.  We've done both that and his BSD 8 week 800 cal diet and both found the 5:2 easier to stick to.  We know the 5:2 will mean a slower weight loss but that's fine, it's a marathon not a sprint.  We're also going to cut down on carbs on the non-fasting days and have smaller portions.....our portion sizes have crept up over the past few months, so we'll use smaller plates.

I've just tried to post a Betty pic but Blogger won't let me for some unknown reason.....there've been a few odd things going on with my computer for the past day or so, since a new Windows 10 update installed, grrr.


  1. Wheat based foods do the same to me, so I avoid them most of the time, they are now my treats and really do not miss bread. I have almost stopped drinking just an odd occasional glass of wine. I have not lost too much weight with my walking, But I do feel much better and I have lost inches from my middle.

  2. I'm "back on the wagon" tomorrow for the umpteenth time. Have spent some time going through the cupboards ditching or giving away the tempting stuff (porridge, chocolate spread, biscuits, etc). I'm having another 8 weeks on the BSD - I've got my annual diabetic check due in August so that's my motivator. I did it last year - lord knows where my determination came from but I managed it.
    Good luck to us all!

  3. You know we'll be here if you need any support at all Sooze and we're all rooting for you-x-

  4. Like you I need to lose weight.. I was going along nicely losing weight each week then I lost it.. this last weekend I have stuffed my face. Tomorrow I start again, well don't we all start on Mondays??

  5. I've tried the 8 Week BSD but haven't managed to do 8 weeks. I am starting by cutting out carbs and cooking from scratch. I am going for my blood test tomorrow after being pre-diabetic so fingers cross the numbers will be down. I've lost about 20lbs but have a lot more to loose. Good luck to us all trying :)

  6. I had a piggy session at the tea party yesterday, but did have the brakes on slightly. I am back on the straight and narrow today though, it will help that I am not at all hungry and will not eat until I need to. The SO did manage to eat some chocolate last night, I had to look away, I couldn't have eaten a square if someone had paid me to.


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