Monday, 5 June 2017

Change of plans

Thanks everyone for your retirement congratulations for hubby....he's enjoying his new life so far - well, we both are.  The only thing is we both keep forgetting what day it is, him being here permanently now is muddling us up!  I'm sure we'll get used to it sooner or later.

Well, this week was supposed to be our celebratory (anniversary and retirement) week of days out, but the weather has put paid to that - rain, or at least heavy showers, and gusty winds forecast for most of the week.  Never mind, we'll spend this week starting our big declutter instead....after all, we can now choose to have a day out whenever it's a nice sunny day.  It'll probably be best if we stay in this week anyhow, as Betty is in the middle of her season and is now showing a definite interest in male they are in her!  Can't wait for it all to be over, she's so not herself at the mo, poor thing.

So today we're starting on our so-called utility room.  It's a brick built outbuilding stuck on the side of the kitchen, it used to house a bread oven (long since gone, although the chimney is still there) and a loo - the previous tenant ripped that out ages ago and used it as a coal shed, it now houses the central heating boiler.  The walls are mainly bare brick with one old coating of paint, which is peeling off.  The floor is bare concrete of differing levels and is uneven.  Ceiling looks to be plasterboard, heavily stained with mould in one area of about 2 square feet directly under the chimney - the chimney's pointing had all fallen out and water was leaking into the room when we first moved in, the previous tenant obviously didn't take much notice of it.  We informed the landlord, he sent builders round to repoint the chimney but nothing was done about the ceiling....the mould hasn't increased thankfully now the chimney no longer leaks, we've been monitoring it.  The previous tenant installed a range of second hand mismatched wall cupboards, which are serviceable but in need of some repairs to sagging shelves and replacement of missing or broken hinges and door knobs.  There's also a worktop running along one wall, which needs recovering with Fablon.  There's one single glazed old metal framed window with a broken metal blind, and a double glazed outer door that we put in ourselves (given to us by a friend) to replace the old rotting wooden door.  The door into the kitchen is also old, half wood/half single glazed.

At the moment, the room houses my washing machine and tumble drier, small chest freezer that we were given, plus a small under the counter freezer we'd previously bought, and spare small fridge we were also given.  I also keep supplies of cleaning stuff, tinned and packet foods in there, the packet foods in lidded plastic boxes.  It's quite a large (10 foot by 12 foot) useable space, it just needs refurbishing, and clearing out of all the junk that seems to accumulate in there.  I obviously need to go in there every day and would like it to be more user-friendly and the moment I hate going in there, it's so gloomy, scruffy and cobwebby.

We've approached the landlord and said we'd like to refurbish it.  He's agreed to cover the cost of having the ceiling treated and replastered and the floor relaid and evened out, a neighbour who's a plasterer will do the work.  We've said we'll paint the walls ourselves, as we already have a supply of white paint.  We'll also pay for vinyl floor covering once the new cement floor is dry, room size remnants are easy to come by and are cheap enough.  OH, who is very handy, will refurb the cupboards and work surface.  We'll also buy a new blind, and look out for another, better condition, second hand door to replace the one into the kitchen.

The mouldy ceiling

The uneven stained concrete floor....and a cheeky shot of Betty sniffing around for any dropped dog biscuits!

The mismatched cupboards - excuse the mess!  I did say it was full of junk ;-)

I shall look forward to taking pics of the finished and hopefully much prettier space that deserves to be called a utility room!

And finally a much nicer pic:-

The retired husband and Betty enjoying a walk in the lovely nature reserve last week.


  1. The best of it is that it doesn't matter What day it is!

  2. See I told you you will be busier than ever, we seem to be busier than ever and yes we are always say to each other what day is it ? Glad you are both enjoying your time and I bet little Betty loves it x

  3. Isn't it great to plan your days rather than having them dictate what you do. Betty looks even more gorgeous as she grows.


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