Monday, 26 June 2017

Betty pic and 1st Fast Day

I tried to post this pic yesterday, but Blogger (or my computer) wasn't cooperating.  Betty was licking OH's head (to try getting his hair to grow perhaps?!), she just loves jumping all over him, especially when he gets down on the floor (he'd just been looking for something in the bottom drawer of the sideboard).

Some new followers have joined, welcome to you.  And thanks again for the comments - several of us are now dieting it seems, I hope we can all support each other.

We had our first fast day yesterday and it went well.  Michael Mosley has recently updated his Fast Diet and now says that, instead of the 500 cals per fast day for women and 600 for men, everyone could have around 800 cals and it will still work, albeit possibly a bit slower.  I'm not going to be slavish in counting calories, but know that by drastically reducing carbs/portions the calories will be a lot less.  OH says he doubts he would manage on just 1 meal on the Fast days, so we're having 2 - brunch and dinner, we have our brunch around 10 am and dinner about 5 pm - that way we have a good long fasting period between dinner the night before and our brunch on Fasting day, and then another long period between Fasting day dinner and breakfast the following morning.

So yesterday for brunch we had 2 rashers of lean grilled bacon, 2 of the large Portobello mushrooms and half a tin of tomatoes, OH also had a poached egg.  For dinner we had some roast beef slices from out of the freezer, heated through in gravy made from an Oxo cube, and a pile of green veggies - cabbage, broccoli and courgettes.  I did miss the roast potatoes, but never mind, I didn't die!  We'll have our next Fast day on Wednesday.  

I've managed to walk Betty with OH both Saturday and Sunday, although by last night my back was killing me again.  It's not too bad this morning though, so will go again today.  Even if I only do one of her walks daily, and a short one at that, it's still better than nothing.


  1. A good start to the new eating plan, I have never tried that way but will have to consider having a go.
    I did read somewhere that it is better to do several short walks rather than one or two long ones, better for the dog and the walker. I am starting that today, Ben can manage 3 short walks and I will slot at least one more in somewhere.

  2. Your brunch and dinner yesterday sound lovely - the sort of thing I eat on the BSD. Today is day 1 of 56 for me. I always have the same breakfast of Greek yoghurt and berries - but let's just say I've been a bit generous lately with portions. So today I actually weighed - turns out that my 100g estimation of strawberries was nearing 300g. Easily done!!

  3. Yooohooooo Betty Boo. Oh she is just too flippin' cute.

    One day down.....well done-x-

  4. I am ensuring I don't eat before 8am and not after 6pm, I find that really helps, I go for my early morning walk before I eat breakfast. I read a woman's body does better if you excise on an empty tummy. I am eating loads of salad and fruit both for breakfast (late) and lunch. I am hardly touching carbs.

  5. When we dis the 5:2 diet I had one infection after another so gave up and now do SW.
    Betty is a real cutie

  6. It seems like you've made a positive start to your eating plan, and it can only help that you and OH are in it together.
    My problem is portion control. I like my food too much.
    Gorgeous picture of Betty. Dogs do like it when people are on the floor. Our local newspaper used to be so big I would lay it on the floor to read and my old dog would always come and lie right across it. Happy memories. X

  7. Those meals that you describe on your fasting day sound very good to me - I thought you had 2 days with nothing to eat, just maybe water!!!
    I think I shall be looking into Mr Mosley's book because I reckon that would suit me. Do you drink tea and coffee on your 2 days of fasting?


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