Sunday, 18 June 2017

Been away

Thank you Sheila, 50 and counting, and Knitty nutter for your comments on my last blog.  Betty has, we think, now more or less finished her season.  Her spaniel farm dog suitor hasn't been seen for a couple of days and she seems less restless and more like her normal self.  We'll be ringing the vet this week to arrange for her to be spayed, it'll probably be in a month's time (they say it needs to be several weeks after the season finishes, to allow the previously blood-filled uterus etc. to get back to normal).

We've been away visiting relatives and had a lovely time.  Went to a bbq with some cousins last Sunday, hadn't seen them for years and it was fantastic to catch up.  Then last Monday we went down to Cornwall to stay with my brother and sister in law, they are wonderful hosts and we always have a great time with them.  They had several days out planned for us, in fact we were out pretty much all day every day - lots of walking, lunch on a sunny restaurant terrace or pasties on the beach, plenty of coffee & cake or ice cream stops, all outdoors.  We met up with an uncle and aunt and another cousin, who were staying near Bude on holiday, had a lovely walk by the canal and lunch out.  Hadn't seen them for years either, in fact the last time we saw them was in Southampton hospital when my uncle was in a medically induced coma following a big heart attack, 7 years ago.  None of us thought he'd survive that, but luckily he did. 

As I said, it's been lovely, but I'm not feeling very well now.  It's been scorchingly hot all week, and I don't do well in hot weather - being fair skinned and blonde I burn easily, get heat rash and headaches, and hot weather just wears me out.  My Achilles tendon is still painful, meaning I'm limping and walking awkwardly, which in turn is making my left hip and back hurt a lot.  My back's been spasming the last couple of days, which is painful.  And eating pasties and cream teas (well, you just have to when you go to Cornwall don't you?!), as well as burgers, etc (2 bbqs) plus cakes to go with coffee stops, and ice cream of course - all things we don't normally eat at home.  So my stomach and joints are now suffering, but it was worth it for all the fun we've had.  And it's not like we do it every week.  I am glad to be home now though, and will be having a few days doing not a lot and eating just chicken and fish with salads.

Oh, and yesterday we went to an air show at Weston super Mare, they have it every year.  We were on the beach with about a 1000 other cars.....more hot sunshine, but combined with a sharp wind, gave me a headache and even more of a red nose. 

Took lots of pics over the past week, will post some when I've sorted them out and put them on the computer.


  1. Lovely to hear that you have had some fab time away but sorry you are not feeling 100%.
    The hot weather is all well and good if you have nothing to do but sit in the garden. I certainly can't walk about in this heat without feeling extremely ill.
    Glad you're back-x-

  2. sounds like a wonderful time, hope you feel back to your normal self soon.

  3. We took the girls to the air show for many years, we had one house where we could sit on our flat garage roof and see the whole display.
    We have fond memories of RAF Locking.


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