Friday, 26 May 2017

First season

Thank you PP for your comment on my last post.

Betty's having her first (and only) season, at the age of 7 months.  She's all out of sorts.....restless, sleeping more than usual with lots of short naps, a bit whiny, clingy and wanting to be around one or the other of us all the time.  She's not much interested in food - highly unusual for her, hasn't finished all her meals for the last couple of days, and isn't begging us for treats like she normally does.  And she doesn't want to play with her toys - unheard of!  We're keeping her on the lead for walks whilst it's going on, we don't want any accidents!

I'm guessing all of this is completely normal?  We've had mostly boy dogs in the past, the one bitch we had was sterilised before we got her.  We're having Betty spayed as we don't intend to breed from her....the vet said the best time to do it is a month or two after her first season.  Any idea how long her season will last?  I googled and found estimates of between 2 and 4 weeks (thank goodness human females don't have theirs go on that long!).  Would her first season perhaps be shorter than later ones?

We need to make sure we keep a close eye on her when she's out in the garden at the moment, as the local farm dogs aren't neutered, and one of them in particular is always sniffing around trying to get into gardens that have dogs.  Our garden is securely fenced, but I'm sure it wouldn't stop a determined randy dog from getting in somehow.


  1. Oh dear Sooze....that's a job and a half you have on.
    I've only ever had boy dogs so have no idea how long it's going to take.
    Good luck-x-

  2. Hi, one of our old Labradors had a season which lasted 3 weeks - we were used to dogs but not bitches - and were surprised how long it went on. She was spayed 3 months afterwards. We got her some doggy pants as it was quite messy.

  3. Doggy pants plus a pad!


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