Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Coasting along

Thanks for the comments, glad to note I'm not the only one with washing machine (or other appliance) problems.  You're very lucky, and in a minority, Chris, to still have yours working fine after so many years.  We've bought a combi microwave/oven/grill, it's a DeLonghi, I'll give my verdict on it once I've used it more extensively, but am pleased with it so far.

Going to do some thorough research into washing machines before we buy a new one.  I know I want one with a timer switch, fast spin speed, quick wash programme, normal 40 deg prog that doesn't take over 2 hours like my current one does!  Oh, and a larger drum to take a bigger load than my current one.  Plus not too expensive!  If anyone has any recommendations - or warnings to avoid - please let me know.

I feel like I'm just coasting along at the moment, simply marking time until two things happen - OH retiring for good (29 days!), and the dog growing up a bit more and stopping digging up and/or chewing everything in the garden.  I love my front garden, it's normally full of flowers and colour, but at the moment there's not a lot flowering....other than the clematis montana which is glorious - well, not so much at lower level, where Betty can reach it!  We love Betty to bits, but unless we're out in the garden with her all the time she's out there, which isn't always possible, she creates havoc.  Lots of the plants, shrubs and flowers she just chews (thankfully, I don't think we have anything which is toxic to dogs).  She does have several toys which she plays with out there, but quickly gets bored and attacks the plants instead!  Bless her!  I'm not going to plant up the tubs or put anything else in the borders for a while, bit pointless when Betty prunes everything for me (whether it needs it or not!).  I just shrug and laugh about it, not much else I can do right now, until she grows out of her chewing phase.  I will plant up the wall baskets we have - at least she can't reach those - so we will have some colour.

Both OH and I keep thinking of things we want to do or that need doing, and then say 'when I've/he's given up work' - it's like everything is put on hold, we really are counting down the days.  We're itching to really get stuck in to our new life.


  1. Ooooh Betty....you are a little monkey...lol.
    She will grow out of it. Smudge used to chew table and chair legs, he'd steal and chew socks and shoes and woe betide anyone who left anything edible on a low table. Now he doesn't chew anything much apart from his toys.

    Won't be long now before you can start on the things you want to do....hold in there-x-

  2. Counting down the days with you! Exciting times ahead

  3. It is so close, I can understand The 'when hubbie retires we can do' So much fun for you both soon.

  4. Haha - I wish our 17 year old Bosch washing machine WOULD break! We have only needed to have it repaired once and that was a minor issue (unfortunately!). Its cycles take FOREVER although it does have a "quick" wash cycle that takes 40 plus minutes! When it does need replacing I am hoping Bosch have improved the model because it has been so reliable. Maybe worth a look?

  5. You will love it when OH retires, we love being home together. But I know what you mean about just coasting, we have been moving for 6 months and spend a lot of time saying.. when we've moved!!


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