Wednesday, 24 May 2017

A week of nice things for OH

Well, one week today OH does his last ever shift at work.  As well as the week after being a treat week for both of us (his retirement and our 34th wedding anniversary on Saturday), I've decided to try and do something nice for him every day leading up to his retirement.  Just little things I know he'll appreciate.

So to start off with, today I've made him one of his favourite ever cakes - ginger (not to my taste but each to his own!).  Tomorrow I shall do him smoked mackerel salad, which he loves, for his lunch before he goes to work.  After his late night shifts he usually gets up late morning and takes Betty for a walk....for the next few days I'll take her out so he can have an extra half hour lie in.  I'll make his work sandwiches every day - he usually makes his own.  And I'll pop a little note in his lunchbox 💗

I've bought him a big ribeye steak for a celebratory meal the day after his retirement....I'm not particularly keen on steak but he loves it, I'll probably have fish.

Glorious warm sunshine today - he's out in the garden so I'm just off to take him a nice cold drink.

Hope your weather is as nice as ours.

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  1. Aw...what a lovely thing to do for hubby :) and in case I forget many congratulations on your anniversary for Saturday. Have a lovely day x


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