Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Spending to save money

Thank you Chris and Gemma's person for your comments.

My microwave and washing machine are both on the way out.  The interior of the microwave is peeling off, and I've never been very happy with it anyway - it has a huge amount of condensation dripping down inside and pooling at the bottom after each use (it was a cheap one).  It seems to take longer to cook things now as well.

The washing machine is temperamental now, sometimes it seems to just get stuck - it's humming away but not actually doing anything, I have to shift the dial along a notch (when I notice what's happening when I get up in the morning) to get it to start up again.  It sometimes doesn't spin off the water properly, so the washing is still wringing wet, and I then have to put it on a spin cycle.  The fabric softener compartment just gets bunged up every single time now, I have to take the drawer out, empty it and flush it through constantly.  The normal 40 deg wash, which is the one I mostly use, is taking far longer than it used to, to do the full cycle - it took long enough anyway, without the 20 mins or so extra it takes now.  And it's not cleaning as well, sometimes OH's clothes (he's a dirt magnet) look almost as dirty after washing as they did going in.

We've been putting money by for ages specifically to replace appliances when we need to, so buying new items now isn't a problem.

I decided this time I'd have a combination microwave/oven/grill, mostly so that if I only have one thing to bake, I don't need to put the big oven on.  Our cooker is a double oven, but the smaller oven/grill compartment must have a loose wire or something, as every time we've used it recently it's thrown the main switch of our leccy supply.  The new combi oven looks good and isn't too much bigger than our old microwave....I need to read the instruction manual first before using the oven or grill part though, it's definitely more complicated than the old basic mic!

We're on Economy 7 for cheaper overnight electricity, so I do my washing mostly overnight....I load the machine before I go to bed, and OH puts it on when he comes home from work in the early hours of the morning.  So when the machine has had a temperamental fit and stopped mid cycle and I have to move it along to get it going again when I get up, this defeats the object of doing the wash on the cheap overnight rate!  I don't particularly want to be getting up in the middle of the night, once OH has retired, just to put the machine on either.  We've tried a few times putting the machine on a timer switch but, for some unknown reason, it never works.  The timer works, as we've tested it on other appliances, so I don't know why it won't work on the washing machine.  So I'm going to spend some time tomorrow googling for machines that have an inbuilt timer and shorter wash programmes, and are generally more efficient and cost saving.

Both of these new appliances should hopefully help us to lower our electricity bills, as well as working more efficiently.


  1. Your washing machine must be the same as mine! Same symptoms, oh and I have to bang the door hard to open it!

    Julie xxxxxxxx

  2. My washing machine is 15 years old and has the same symptoms. Keep thinking one day soon it will give up completely. Also the grill has gone on my double oven and I have thought about a combination. Please write in your blog if you decide to get one and if you like it. Pauline x

  3. The newer appliances do work much faster and save energy and money. The problem is working out how they work.

  4. Why is it that if one appliance decides it's giving up another one decides to go too? That always happens in our house as well-x-

  5. My washing machine was in the house when I moved in 20 years ago(probably not new then either) and the microwave I brought with me. They are both still working!


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