Monday, 24 April 2017

Shopping in a different place - very good!

Firstly, thank you Sheila and Rainbowchild (new follower I think, welcome) for your comments.  Betty's ear infection has almost cleared, thank goodness.  Rainbowchild, yes I heartily recommend 1-2-1 training - Betty having the individual attention of the trainer without all the distractions of loads of other puppies has worked wonders.  We're seeing Carrie-Anne again this Wednesday, we're going to work more on recall, which Betty still only does when she wants to, basically!  Also the 'drop' command - she likes us throwing balls for her and she nearly always brings them back to us, but refuses to let go of them - the bulldog/shar pei stubbornness!

Following Frugal Queen's post yesterday about F**mFoods, we decided to try it out - I regularly buy toilet rolls there which are really good quality and very reasonably priced, but hadn't bought any food for ages.  We had a couple of disappointing buys from there a while back, and I assumed that because their frozen food is so cheap, it must be from dubious foreign sources. 

Well, I was very pleasantly surprised....I looked at the pack labels and it seems a lot of their products are actually British.  Quite how they manage to have such cheap offers, I have no idea.  I spent £62, some of which was food for the dog (I'm still making a lot of her food), and after a quick tally up of what I bought, I reckon what I got will make dinners for the 2 of us for about 6 or 7 weeks!  I was amazed, frankly.  I suppose the real test will be what the quality and taste is like when I come to cook it.

They have lots of multi buy offers - 3 packs for £10, 3 for £6, 2 for £5, 4 for £3 and so on, and there's a wide variety of products in each of the offer options, so you don't need to buy 3 of the same thing.  The only thing I would say is that I wish they grouped all of the products in each offer option in the same aisle - they're not, they're scattered all over the place, so I found it quite confusing to keep track of how many items I'd got in each offer bracket. 

I bought chicken thighs, breast fillets and Swedish meatballs, at 3 for £10.  3x 600g packs of thick cut bacon for £6 (bargain, I thought).  2 big packs of stuffed pasta for £5.  A box of 30 B***seye fish fingers and 4 large battered cod, also for £5.  Sausages, pizzas and chips.  They had several bags of frozen fish all at £3.99 - cod, haddock, salmon and yellowfin sole - I got the sole as it was a larger pack at 650g, the others were around 450g.  A large bag of mussel meat - not had mussels for years and wasn't all that keen on them back then, but OH likes them and I might have changed my view after all this time!  800g pack of fresh beef mince - we had their frozen mince way back and weren't keen on it...we like our mince chunky, and the frozen stuff just kind of dissolved into mush.  The fresh mince was good value.  Also got Cheddar, milk and some packet sauces. 

For the dog I bought 6 tins of tuna in sunflower oil for £3.99 (she loves tuna) and 4 bags of frozen veggies for £3.

I wasn't keen on their fresh fruit and veg, the veg in particular looked tired and limp, so went in the normal big supermarket (which is on the same retail park) for that.

So, all in all, and pending the taste tests, I think it's extremely good value and will be shopping there again.

As I've said before, we've always shopped in the big supermarkets before, when we didn't have to worry about how much we were spending.  Now though, as OH's retirement approaches (37 days to go!) and we need to think about keeping our food costs down, we've been trying out the cheaper shops and, quite honestly, wish we'd started shopping in them ages ago.  Their products are much better quality than we'd imagined, and at a fantastic price.


  1. Sound like you got some good deals! I eat a lot of fish and am always looking for the best value. We get 2 big basa fillets for just under $3 which will feed me for 4 meals. That's our "best buy"!

  2. It is really fun when life surprises you in a good way.
    We have a big chest freezer (U.S.) It is so full now , we need to refrain from shopping for awhile and just work it down.
    I am looking forward to retirement posts and more Betty photos. I know , I ask too much. Have fun.


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