Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Lots of garden and kitchen work

Thanks for all the comments about Betty's training, we are noticing a difference in her now, she definitely doesn't pull on the lead as much and is quicker to respond when called.  We didn't take her to training today as she's got an ear infection, poor thing, and has been a bit subdued.  She went back to the vets this morning for a check up following 5 days of treatment - the vet said it looks like the infection is responding well to the antibiotics and should clear up completely within the next few days.

It seems we're not the only ones who aren't growing as much this year, or are late getting going with sowing and planting.  OH's been busy in the garden, the strawberry runners he potted up last year have now all been planted in a new bed, and he's done a bed full of early potatoes.  The 2 small old polytunnels have been dismantled, the covers have been chucked as they were so ripped and worn, but he's keeping most of the poles to reuse as cold frames or pea/bean supports.  We've bought a new polytunnel which is slightly bigger than the 2 old ones put together, OH has prepared the ground and put up the frame, we'll have to wait until next week to put the cover on as he's back to work tomorrow.  New neighbours have given us some staging to put in the tunnel, along with a couple of compost bins....these were left in their garden by the previous owners and they don't want them, we'll give them veg in return.  We'll buy some tomato and cucumber plants next week, seeing as we haven't grown any from seed this year.

I've spent a couple of days in the kitchen - two lots of dog food made, plus a trayful of biscuits for her.  A loaf of bread and 2 pizza bases for the freezer.  Fruit cake and 2 rhubarb and apple crumbles.  2 double portions of cauliflower cheese, a large trayful of roasted veggies portioned up, and a Savoy cabbage cooked and portioned, all for the freezer. 

We had a rare treat for dinner tonight.....nipped out to the supermarket late this afternoon and they were just putting out some meat reductions, got 2 small thick fillet steaks for a third of the original price.  We were going to have sausages tonight but had the steak instead, it was beautiful.  I can't remember the last time we had fillet steak, it must have been years ago.  Will have the sausages tomorrow.


  1. We have a 5 month old puppy and I'm thinking of getting 1:1 training for her. I am guessing you would say it is worth it? Also thanks for the info on the dog food you make. This is defiantly something I want to do. :)

  2. Oh poor little Betty. Hope that ear infection clears up soon. Smudge used to suffer with his ears when he was a puppy...not so much now he's an old man. It's his eyes now and he is on permanent drops and cream for them....poor little sausage.

    All that cooking sounds rather yummy. Funnily enough Andy has just tonight said he fancies cauliflower cheese which we usually have with's a family favourite-x-


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