Thursday, 6 April 2017


Thanks again for all your comments....I had to laugh when Marlene said she has more photos of her cats' bums than their faces.

Well, the training went really well.  Carrie-Anne is lovely, so friendly, her love of dogs and her job shines through and she's so knowledgeable.  Betty took to her straight away.

Carrie showed us lots of techniques for getting Betty to walk nicely without yanking our arms off all the time.  She started off by showing us how to get Betty to focus on us, then to sit at our side on the lead, then to walk a few steps without pulling, all done with food treats.  She demonstrated herself with Betty, then OH and I each had a go, Betty picked it up very quickly.  It helped that we were in a big field with hardly anybody else around, so there were few distractions close to us.  There were kids playing football in another field nearby, which did attract Betty (of course!), but Carrie showed us how to get Betty's attention back to us - basically gentle but firm and persistent calling her name, using the word 'focus' and offering a food reward. 

She also showed us how to stop Betty from jumping up - turn our body slightly and totally ignore her until she gets down and has all 4 paws on the ground, at which time we should praise her.  Carrie said by just saying 'down' and pushing her off as we had been doing, we are in fact giving her attention and rewarding the wrong behaviour, encouraging her to keep doing it.  By ignoring her until she gets back down, and then praising her only when she's on the ground, she will quickly learn not to jump up.  We also have to get friends, family etc doing the same thing!  It's all so logical when you actually stop to think about it.

We had a full hour of 1-2-1 for £15 - a total bargain, considering we learnt so much and Betty was responding so quickly.  We are seeing Carrie-Anne again for another hour next week, to practise the loose lead walking for longer periods, and some other things - she told us to have a think about what else we'd like her to work with us on.  She's also going to give us a written report and work plan next good is that?

She's a marvel and is such a lovely lady too, I'm so glad we found her.


  1. Why can't other so called trainers do the same thing? I agree it is money well spent with huge awards fir you all.

  2. That's great, so pleased to hear the session was a success.

  3. Brilliant that you have found a good trainer now and Betty sounds like she was a little star-x-

  4. £15 !! What a bargain, we paid £70 !!

  5. Great news, so glad it is working out.

  6. So glad the training went well for you all.

  7. Excellent, it makes life so much better when your beloved dog is trained. I did have a spaniel who was fine for the first 2 lessons but then just could or would not learn any more, but it sufficed.


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