Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Betty pics and good news

Thank you for all the comments on my last post.  Yes, I think you're all right - last week's puppy 'training' class was a waste of time for us, and a money spinner for the trainers.  Aly, having seen pics of Bruno and heard about his antics, I can just picture him as  Scooby Do!  Sheila, I did laugh at your comment....yes Betty is a cute hooligan!  Simple Living Marlene, that's terrible about your poor dog's damaged ear, the owner and trainer clearly weren't in control of their animal were they?  Marlene J, yes indeed Betty did have lots of fun at the class, shame she didn't learn anything though!

Following lots of positive and friendly emails with the new trainer I found, Carrie-Anne, I am happy to report we are taking Betty to her tomorrow morning for her first hour of 1-2-1 assessment and training, I am really looking forward to it (I expect Betty will be pleased too!).

Here are some updated pics of Betty, all taken within the last few days:-

Just look at that lovely squidgy face!

My 2 bubs asleep.....who's the cutest?!  ;-))

Out walking at the nature reserve.  She was facing me and just as I took the photo her head whipped round as a swan flew past!



  1. I have more photos of my cat's bums than their faces

  2. Good luck tomorrow, sounds like you've found just the right place. That squishy face is hard to resist xx

  3. I just want to squidge that gorgeous little face.
    She really is gorgeous-x-

  4. looking frward to hearing how the 1-2-1 went

  5. She is getting big! I have to squidge on the sofa as Bruno hogs most of it!

  6. I am sure Betty will respond to her training, all dogs want to do after eating and sleeping is please us.. she is gorgeous. I read back on your blog and understand totally when you feel unappreciated, I had a 'hump' day yesterday; hormones?? I am 74, can you still have hormones when you're old?


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