Sunday, 26 March 2017

Sorry for the lack of posts, I'm feeling hard done by and sorry for myself.  Can't even be bothered to think up a title for this post - well, not one that doesn't scream of self indulgence.

I just think I spend my life doing things for and helping to support others, but nobody does anything nice just for me.  I feel unappreciated and of no value.  I feel like I'm invisible half the time, nobody seems to take any notice of anything I say. 


  1. My dearest Sooze,
    You are so worth a lot to me, I appreciate your posts and pictures and have fun living your life with you. All of us here do, I am sure.
    I have learned the hard way that we have to take care of ourselves first. No one cares about us the way that we feel we take care of others. You have to love yourself and take care of yourself. It is a hard lesson to have to learn at my age, (58) . But until now I have given to others and worried about others , forgetting about myself. Please take care of you and treat yourself with kindness. Go out and treat yourself to some beautiful blooming flowers to plant in a pot out your window, just to please yourself, so you can see them every day and think of how we love you.
    And I am not a believer in God but this song is so powerful. Reba McIntire BACK TO GOD find it on You Tube .
    And don't forget your bitty Betty loves you unconditionally. That , to me, is what makes dogs so wonderful. They take you as you are and love you.

  2. Ditto what Gemma has said, you are appreciated xx

  3. C'mon Sooze ... best foot forward, girl! If others aren't kind to you, then just be kind to yourself. Appreciate yourself and your life in general. It's no good saying things could be worse because you will already know that. You just have to KBO as Churchill would've said: Keep B*ggering On!
    Margaret P
    (You once suggested I have my own blog and I now have one!)

  4. I love to read your post and look forward to them, so to me you mean alot, but I do understand how you feel, we all get down. I hope you are feeling upbeat soon, can't wait to see what Betty is doing. xxxx

  5. So sorry you are feeling down Sooze. I am feeling a little bit the same myself today but ya know what....I will not let the buggers get me down and don't you either.

  6. Appreciate yourself and the spring that is all around us at the moment. Everyone else can bu... off!

  7. I am sure I speak for all your blog followers, we really do appreciate you and love to hear all about what is happening in your life. You are a dog lover, just like me, and I love to read all about Betty's antics.
    Take time out to indulge yourself, you deserve it. You may feel down today but things will get better. We all feel like that from time to time and we are allowed to feel sad sometimes, it's only human. You are VERY special to your readers, always remember that.
    Hugs from me and a big lick from my furry friend Millie.

  8. Dear Sooze. Please don't feel down we love hearing about you and Betty and you cheer me up when I am feeling down. I was down yesterday too. I do everything I can for my daughter but yesterday there was no mother's day card or present! Went out in the sun today and cheered myself up! Hugs from me x


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