Monday, 13 March 2017

Menu planning

Thank you for the comments on my food shop, I do like Lidl and am slowly getting into the habit of shopping less often - you're right, Dawn, this is definitely one way of spending less.

I thought it might be useful to blog my menu plan each will encourage me to keep doing it, which in turn helps with the shopping, and I can always look back at previous menus for inspiration.

So this week:-

Sunday (yesterday) we had sausages, roasted parsnips and sprouts, cauli & broccoli in cheese sauce (double portion made so the rest has been frozen for later)

Monday - Chicken & mushroom risotto....need to buy the chicken, I was under the impression we had a couple of breasts in the freezer but can't find them, must have used them (another good reason to maintain an inventory!)

Tuesday - Chilli with cheesy cornbread....have everything in stock for that, will make double so one lot can be frozen

Wednesday - Pork shoulder in cider in the slow cooker - need to buy the pork.  It will make enough to freeze for another day, probably two.

Thursday - Salmon with noodles and stir fry veg.....just need the veg.

Friday - Cottage pie and veg - all from out of the freezer

Saturday - Cauli & broccoli cheese with bacon and tinned tomatoes.....the remainder of Sunday's cauli cheese, bacon & tomatoes already in stock.

I'm going to start making some - not all - food for Betty too, will do another post about that.


  1. Good meal plan and even better when you can make extra for the freezer.

  2. That all sounds very scrumptious.
    I'll be down lurve cottage pie-x-

  3. I bet Betty could eat a lot of what you fix for yourselves as well. Meat and veg.
    What do you do for breakfast and lunch? Dessert sometime?
    Considering chili today here, as well.


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