Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Breakfasts, lunches and dog food

Thank you Simple Living, Sheila and Gemma's Person for the comments on my menu plan.

I forgot to mention what we have for breakfasts and lunches.  I don't often have breakfast, maybe once or twice a week, and it's usually Greek yogurt with a few berries and nuts, or maybe bran flakes with nut milk and some berries.  When it's really cold in the winter we may have porridge (which we like made with water, no sugar, but with a few sultanas mixed in and a big splash of cream on top!).  OH usually has toast for his breakfast.  Occasionally on Sundays or when we're on holiday, we have a full cooked breakfast. 

Lunches are usually soup with homemade croutons when it's cold, maybe salad with ham or cheese or canned fish if it's not cold.  OH may occasionally have a sandwich instead with a cup a soup, I'll have sliced cheese with rye crispbreads and a few olives and cucumber slices.

Gemma's Person asked about desserts.....we rarely have them - well, OH has a yogurt after dinner.  I'm diabetic so hardly ever eat sweet things.....I've found it much easier to get into the habit of just not having them at all, rather than trying to eat a tiny portion of something that I'd really like to eat a lot of!  I'm not a saint though, on rare occasions we may have a Danish pastry or share a cake when we're out and in a coffee shop!

I made a week's worth of dog food today, it was turkey mince which I cooked in a little water in a saucepan (I nearly added seasoning but stopped myself just in time!).  Cooked a large sweet potato in the microwave, then mashed the flesh when it was cool enough to handle.  Boiled a head of broccoli and roughly mashed that.  Mixed the whole lot together in a large bowl, with a can of garden peas (having first checked that they were just peas in water, nothing else added).  Divided it into 7 portions.  I gave Betty half a portion at lunchtime, to see how she got on with it....she loved it, licked her bowl clean.  I've kept a couple of portions in the fridge and frozen the rest. 

I also made sardine oatcakes, following a recipe I found online from a very good website https://www.bdws.co.uk/2012/12/06/sardine-oatcakes/ he's a dog walker who, in conjunction with a canine dietitian, makes his own dog food recipes.  The mixture made over 80, luckily Betty loves them too!

Following a recommendation from a dog owning friend (thanks Aly!), I tried Betty with a scrambled egg....yep, wolfed it down (she's clearly not a fussy eater).

So our plan is to give her scrambled egg for breakfast, my homemade food for lunches (sometimes it will be sardines or liver with veg, instead of turkey) and her complete dry kibble for suppertime.  We will continue to give her this as it contains the vitamins and minerals she needs.  The oatcake biscuits will be  treats, along with dried out liver (strips cooked in a low oven for a couple of hours, then cut into tiny pieces) as training treats.  This is of course after we've monitored her for a couple of days to check that she's ok with the new homemade foods.


  1. Dried out liver strips - I must try that next time Freddie is visiting!

    1. Be warned, stinks to high heaven while cooking!

  2. Lucky Betty, it all sounds good, when I used to have a dog I found canned stuff made him more hyper.

  3. A lot of dog recipes for young dogs recommend washed, oven dried crushed eggshells to top up their calcium intake, about 1/2 to 1 tsp a day.


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