Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Back to normal

Good grief, that was a moany post wasn't it?!  Sorry about that.  I've put my big girl's pants on and given myself a good shake.  I can't change what others do, I can only change myself and how I feel.  Thank you so much for all your lovely comments.....I should say here that my last post was not in any way aimed at any of my readers, it always warms my heart that so many of you read and comment on my posts.  I never thought people would be interested in my ordinary life. 

Anyway, I won't let the buggers get me down (as a couple of you said!), I shall just shake it off and carry on enjoying what we do.  We had a funny moment this morning when we were walking Betty on the nature reserve....I'd forgotten to take my phone with me so couldn't take a photo - pity, it was so funny we were both laughing our heads off.  Betty came across a dandelion with a full big fluffy seed head - it was her first time of seeing one.  She stood transfixed, one front paw raised like a pointer, staring intently at it for a few seconds.  Then, all of a sudden, she lunged forward and bit the entire head off - well, a split second later she coughed and loads of the fluffy seeds flew out of her mouth, much to her astonishment - she literally stared in amazement.  OH and I just stood there laughing out loud.  For the next few minutes as we walked along, she kept giving little coughs, blowing out a few more seeds each time....luckily, there were several mini flooded patches on the grass (it had rained heavily yesterday) so she could have a drink to get rid of the rest.  So funny!

It's exactly 9 weeks today till OH retires, it's going quite slowly at the mo but I expect it will speed up the nearer it gets.  He's been told that his firm have a retirement gift list that he can choose from - the manager couldn't remember all the things on it, he did say there's a silver watch, a decanter or a pen but was sure there are others.....hope so, as OH doesn't really want any of those!  I wonder if there's a cash or gift voucher alternative?  That would be good, OH could buy something he really wants then. 

We've decided one of the first things we're going to do when he's finished work is to have a major declutter of the house and garage.  I take after my mother, I'm a bit of a hoarder - not by design, somehow we just seem to acquire a lot of 'stuff', which then sits around gathering dust.  OH however is definitely of the 'I'll hang on to that, never know when it might come in useful' persuasion, he's got a garage and shedful of oddments of wood, bits of metal, old broken tools, old holey hosepipes, a few non-working electrical items, etc.  We have quite a large trailer so can take plenty of stuff to the tip, and loads of charity shops in the town to take anything not broken, or clothes or books.  It would be lovely to be more minimalist!


  1. Betty sounds so lovely. We've just had a bit of a declutter, it felt good though we still seem to have so much 'stuff' xx

  2. Oh, how cute Betty must have looked, bless her.

    Hope you feel better as well as giving yourself a shake, better to let it all out than bottle it inside.

  3. I'm glad you are feeling better, life does get on top of us, and if it's someone close to you causing all the grief it's all the more harder to bear. Decluttering is empowering, I started 7 years ago when we moved here, and then each spring I find another area to have a go at. Betty sounds a joy xx

  4. We are decluttering here as well and it is wonderful. Doing a bit at a time so it isn't so overwhelming. It feels good though.
    Betty and laughing out loud , what better medicine for the downers than that?

  5. you must show some updated pics of Betty she must be growing so fast, it is funny to watch them discover the big wide world out there, Tess is just discovering she is such a funny dog :-)

  6. I too am slowly decluttering, it does make you feel good. My plan is that as each room is finished ( we are renovating an old farmhouse) only a few things will go back in. I have lived with stuff in boxes for ten years so clearly do not need it!


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