Wednesday, 1 March 2017

A cooking and freezing day

Thank you for all the good wishes for OH's impending's now 13 weeks exactly. 

I've had a day in the kitchen, doing a lot of cooking and veg prep for freezing.

Started off by making what I call a lazy's basically mince cooked with onions, mushrooms and chopped tomatoes, pasta shapes part cooked and mixed with cheese sauce, the whole lot all mixed together, piled into a dish and sprinkled with grated cheese.  Saves all that faffing about with building up layers, but tastes much the same as a proper lasagne.  It made 3 lots of meals for 2.  One we'll have tomorrow, the other 2 have been frozen.

Diced swede and carrots boiled together, then mashed with parsley & thyme and seasoned, divided into portions and frozen.

Did a big trayful of roast spuds, enough for several meals, all portioned up and in the freezer.

2 massive sweet potatoes scrubbed and stabbed, cooked in the microwave until tender, then when cool enough to handle, halved and the flesh scraped out.  Mashed with smoked paprika and seasoning, portioned and frozen.

3 rashers of bacon chopped and fried in butter and oil with a finely sliced onion in a big pan, then a whole Savoy cabbage shredded and added, stir fried until cooked.  One portion to go with dinner tonight, the rest frozen.

Oh, and husband made a wholemeal loaf (under my direction).  It's risen beautifully and looks lovely. 

I should have taken photos of everything, but didn't give it a thought, sorry!

Now I just have to prepare tonight's dinner - diced chicken breast sautéed in oil & butter, with sliced mushrooms and onion, the zest and juice of a lemon added to the pan along with some sage.  To be served with new potatoes and some of the Savoy cabbage.


  1. 13 weeks, how exciting, and close!

    I am going to try the sweet potato mashed with paprika, love the lazy lasagne idea too.

  2. Oh my....that all sounds incredibly yummy.
    We had to resort to sausage and chips tonight as the workmen were late going and Andy needed feeding quickly as he is on nightshift-x-

  3. Very organised and I see you are training your husband well.

  4. Mmm, Savoy cabbage and bacon? That would do me as a whole meal, I adore Savoy.

  5. wow, you have been busy, i often think about cooking ahead but never get around to it! love the lazy lasagne recipe, will give that a go.

  6. I will bring my own plate ...what time is dinner tonight?
    It all sounds so lovely. Good work.
    13 weeks will just fly by. Glad husband will share cooking duties. It has to be easier keeping made ahead in the freezer. It all sounds delicious.

  7. I think I need to move closer to you, love all the food. That is more or less how I cook and your "lazy lasagne" is often served in restaurants. I was given the method buy an Italian girl that I used to work with, she would use any pasta that was on offer.

  8. I love your lazy lasagne, I'm definitely going to give that a go as Mick loves lasagne but I find all the layering such a faff. I like making meals for the freezer, it might be a lot of work in one go but it means you've got the makings of a quick meal at hand.


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