Saturday, 11 February 2017

Busy busy

Thank you all for the lovely comments about Betty.  She's slowly getting more obedient and less bitey, a bit less lungey on the lead, and calming down a bit.  Well, by that I mean she's still very excitable, but calms down a bit quicker.  Taking her out to busy high streets is still a challenge - we want to do it to get her used to crowds and to train her to be more restrained instead of jumping up at everybody who passes by.  However, since virtually everyone wants to stop and make a fuss of her, it's a bit of a double-edged sword.  And it takes us twice as long to do anything!  I was a bit annoyed at one couple we met up with, who had 2 pointer-type dogs - the woman clearly considered herself a dog expert (she informed us she has several more dogs at home and has bred these pointer-types for several years).  She proceeded to tell us what we were doing wrong, and took it upon herself to tell Betty off and hold her muzzle shut!  If we weren't in a public place I'd have done the same to her!  Bloody cheek.  I felt sorry for her partner, as she also told him off - it's obvious who wears the trousers in that relationship.  I know people will have their own ideas about how to train dogs, but Betty is our dog and we'll do it our way.

Ok, off the soapbox now!

Got lots going on right now, feels like I'm juggling a dozen balls and trying not to drop any of them.  Husband has decided he doesn't want to retire at the end of June....he wants to do it in May  👀  Fine, I have no objection, but have asked that he sticks to that or it will keep throwing my plans out if he's changing his mind every 5 minutes.  He made it official this week and told everyone at work....he said they all, from management down, keep saying they don't want him to go!  That's nice to hear, he's very popular at work.  I know he'll miss it, despite being ready to leave.  Just as well he's got lots of interests to keep him busy (as have things to keep him busy too!! 😂 ), he's not the type to sit around just watching TV.

I've decided to draw up a list of light lunches and main meals we like...I think it will simplify things, I'll be better able to menu plan and shop, and it'll give me a bit of structure.  Once OH has stopped work, meal planning will be easier as I won't have to work around his shifts. 

I used my new stand mixer to make bread dough yesterday, it worked well and I'm very pleased with it, it'll be in use regularly from now on.


  1. What a cheek, you did very well to restrain yourself. Some of the best dog 'training' videos I have come across are by Victoria Stilwell, who uses the approach of positive training.

  2. How flippin' rude of that woman to be telling Betty off-x-

  3. There's always someone who wants to "help"!

    I'm also glad I'm married to someone who is never bored and always has things to do. after all the weeks he has spent feeling rough this last year he would have driven me to despair if he spent the time moaning and feeling fed up!

  4. What a cheeky cow, I bet her husband would love to put a muzzle on her. My husband is on the second year of retirement we are both more busy than when we were working.

  5. What a cheek, mind you that happened to my mum years ago, I remember mum saying, well I'll train my way thank you and picked up our dog and walked off. My husband wonders how he had time to work now he has retired. He has been retired four and half years now. We both do our own thing and we do things together,

    Julie xxxxxxxxxx

  6. the good thing about advice is you can choose which bits you feel comfy with :-)

  7. Oh my goodness, I've just fallen in love. I scrolled back to see the photos of Betty, such a cutie. What a cheeky woman, Betty's still very young yet, plenty of time to get her trained without resorting to holding her muzzle shut. How lovely that your husband's retiring, you'll have lots of time to take Betty for some nice walks together.


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