Thursday, 16 February 2017

Betty learns a lesson, and a query

My brother and SiL came to visit the other day, and brought their Airedale Terrier Molly with them.  She's the first big dog (and she is big) that Betty has come into close contact with.  Well, Betty has now learnt (we hope!) that Not All Dogs Want To Play! 

Betty loves all dogs and does want to play with them all.  When we go to the nature reserve, we have her on the extendable lead so she can have a good run around....we've not let her off the lead yet, as her recall isn't consistent and until it is she's not coming off the lead in public places.  When another dog comes into view, she races towards it - we rein her back in so we have more control over her and wait to see how the other dog reacts.  If they want to play (and the owner is willing), we let her have a bit more rein.  But even if the other dog doesn't want to, Betty still persists in trying!  She doesn't seem to be put off by aloof or even growly behaviour.

Molly the Airedale, who is 6 but still acts like a puppy a lot of the time, is bouncy and friendly and we all assumed she and Betty would get on fine.  Well, for whatever reason, Molly did not want to play at all, and made it perfectly clear with very loud growls and dominant behaviour, standing over Betty and even giving her a little swipe now and then.  Betty immediately took the submissive position or ran back to the reassuring safety of mine or OH's legs.  It didn't stop her going back for more though within a couple of minutes, she's full of courage for such a small young dog.  Eventually, her attempts to get Molly to play calmed down, she was clearly puzzled and kept giving us quizzical looks as if to say 'But why won't she play with me?'.  Hopefully, she will have learnt from it.

Thank you for all the comments about the bossy know-it-all woman.  I'm happy to be given advice, but she didn't give us advice (not that we asked for it anyway, we didn't), she told us authoritatively what we were doing wrong, and as for grabbing Betty's muzzle (because Betty was yapping), well that infuriated me - I mean, would you do that to a stranger's child just because it was making a noise?  For those of you who have offered us advice and websites to look at (the Victoria Stilwell one is very interesting, thank you), please don't think I was having a go at any of you - I wasn't.

Now for the query - does anyone know what's happened to Hard up Hester and her blog?  I read her blog regularly, she always makes me laugh, but her blog seems to have been taken over by someone going on about yoga!

On the subject of blogs, I feel for Ilona of Life after Money, she has a really nasty troll who's been attacking her for 5 years.  5 years!!  blimey, the woman (Ilona knows who it is) must be totally obsessed, or in need of psychiatric help.


  1. Awww, an early lesson about friendship for beautiful Betty!

    I was trying to work out whose blog had gone all weightloss and yoga, I've seen it happen to other blogs but usually ones that hadn't been updated for a long time. I also read Ilona's blog about the troll, very unpleasant behaviour.

  2. Ahhhh....I hope Betty and Molly meet up often enough to become good friends eventually.
    Hesters blog seems to be OK this morning....there is a new post anyway-x-

  3. I just pulled this directly from her blog.
    HOpe this helps you find her again, I went to the yoga site too and had to google till I found her again. Lisa

    Hard Up Hester Blog Probs

    Still not got to the bottom of all this but.

    The American yoga blog is called this is strange as it is obviously American so why does it have

    My blog address is

    I used to have a blog called Hard Up Hester and the address was, this was hacked when I was in hospital and unable to access it for a while.

    I started a new blog and struggled to think of a name and eventually settled on Snitty Kitty, and renamed it Hard Up Hester after a few months, but I have to stay with the snittykitty addy.

    I realise this is probably as clear as mud, but hope it will help some people find me.

    Posted by Hard up Hester at 00:36 5 comments:

  4. In my experience the more other dogs and cats and people Betty is around now ,and the more and varied experiences she has now as well... while she is developing, the better she will be with them later. They will be familiar and she will be more at ease as well.


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