Wednesday, 1 February 2017

A Betty post

We've had Betty 6 weeks today.  She's changed a lot in that time - when we first got her she looked more like her mum, the Shar Pei, but now she's starting to take on more of her dad's (the bulldog) characteristics.  Her face is getting broader, as are her chest and front legs, she's also developing the bulldog stubbornness!  She's also very strong for her age - 3 months old.  She's still wrinkly like a Shar Pei though. 

We took her to the vet this morning for her 3rd and final booster jab, a quick check up on how she's doing, and to get 3 months' supply of worming/flea tablets.  She was weighed.....she's now 9.7kg - she was 2.9kg when we first got her, so has put on an average of just over a kilo a week.  The vet said she's in excellent all-round condition, with no apparent problems. 

She's fully house-trained and clean, and has slept through the night without a murmur since the 2nd week of having her, both of which are fabulous.

Betty isn't really a lap dog - she's getting too hefty for that anyway!  She does quite like to sit on my lap, but won't sit still for a cuddle - she fidgets and wriggles for about 5 minutes, sniffing me all over, then wants to get down.  She comes to me for strokes and reassurance (if she hears an unfamiliar noise, e.g.), but goes mainly to OH for playing - the two of them have a lovely noisy boisterous time rolling around on the floor, throwing toys around and playing tug of war (I don't know who's worse - husband or the dog!  I have to tell them both to calm down after a while!). 

We're doing some training with her in short bursts (in common with most puppies, she has a very short attention span).  She now understands Sit, Down, Fetch, Leave and Bed....she understands them, but whether she obeys them is a different matter!  The bulldog stubbornness is very apparent here - sometimes she obeys, sometimes she won't, although she almost always will obey if a food treat is involved.  We're trying to train her to do things without having food treats all the time though. 

She's still quite 'nippy', although she hardly ever bites me, it's usually OH (something to do with the way he plays with her, I suspect!).  That's something we really want to get her out of doing....can't have her biting people when she's older.  She also tugs like mad on the lead....again something we're trying to get her out of.  To be fair, nearly all the time we take her for walks to the nature reserve, where she's on the extendable lead so she can run around.  We haven't really taken her out much on the short lead yet.  Today we took her to Wells (a very pretty small town with basically one fairly short high street) - the first time she's been to a town.  She was beside herself with excitement at all the people, dogs, sights, sounds and smells, so was tugging on the lead the whole time - probably not the best choice of place to go first!  Over the next few weeks we will be taking her out along the local roads where there are less people and vehicles (we live in a very rural farming area), to try to get her to learn to heel.


Her lovely squidgy face.

Messing around in her bed....she drags the blanket out and runs around the room with it.

Playing tug of war with daddy.

Having a mad 5 minutes in her bed.

Investigating an irresistible smell in the nature reserve.

"Mum, do you have to keep taking photos, can't you see I'm having a comfy nap?"


  1. Sounds like she is doing very well. We took Bruno to a dog (owners) training school for a year to learn how to control him. We were told his Boxer half will make him behave like scooby doo and the mastiff half will make him stubborn! That has proved true! Some days he drives me mad but I would not be without him. He still half sits on my lap all 46kgs of him!

  2. Awwwwwwwweeewwwwwweeeww she is ADORABLE

  3. I'm not a dog person, but she is a cutie :-)

  4. She is just so beautiful! Sounds like she makes a good pair with OH.

  5. What a sweetheart, thankyou for showing these lovely photos.

  6. Isn't she just gorgeous? -x-

  7. She has such an adorable face, love her color and my how she has grown !
    Make sure you guys are pack leaders and don't let her walk all over you , so to speak. Show, in your manner, that you expect her to follow where you lead.
    Nipping, if you roll her little lips over her pointy teeth , she will get the message that it hurts you too.

  8. She is so so sweet!!! Love all her beautiful pictures!!! So much fun:)Jessi


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