Sunday, 22 January 2017

Vegetarian Sunday dinner

Thanks for the comments re the A*di shopping and cheap washing liquid.  Haven't used it yet so can't comment on how well it works.  Sheila, I run the washing machine empty with a handful of soda crystals on a hot wash every month or so, seems to keep it clean and fresh smelling.

This is the dog after an hour's walk in the nature reserve this morning:-

She always sleeps for an hour or two when we get back, which is brilliant as it means I can get on with some jobs without her being under my feet all the time. 

I found a sheet of puff pastry in the freezer, had bought it reduced to half price a couple of months ago.  I'd noticed yesterday that the last 2 of our home grown butternut squashes were starting to go wrinkly, so whilst Betty was asleep I diced and roasted them, sprinkled with oil, paprika and sage.  Laid out the sheet of pastry on a tray, cut a border round it and part cooked it for 10 mins whilst the squash was in.  When it had cooled a bit I spread the base with a mixture of tomato puree and oil, piled on the squash and a whole pack of supermarket's own cheap Feta type cheese, diced up, and a sprinkle of grated Cheddar.  Back in the oven for another 20 mins.

We'll have a slice at room temperature with tomatoes, beetroot and coleslaw, the rest for lunch tomorrow.


  1. A lovely simple meal, I make that one often and just vary the toppings, we didn't have roast today just a humble soup. Nice to see Betty, she looks very contented xx

  2. Hi Sooze.....thanks for the tip regarding the soda crystals. I tried that plus everything else I could think of but nothing worked apart from changing back to powder which has eased the problem but not cured it totally.
    My machine is relatively new and I have never ever had the smell problem with any other machine I have had. Quite puzzling.
    That tart looks amazing-x-


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