Tuesday, 31 January 2017

More good value shopping

Thank you for all the comments on OH's impending retirement, it's certainly got us thinking and making plans.  Oh, and I've joined our local Freecycle group - no breadmakers as yet, and to be honest there's a lot more Wanteds than Offers there at the moment.  Still, I'll keep looking.  I seem to have a few new followers - welcome and thank you for reading.

We did our shopping in L*dl yesterday, with a top up shop in the big supermarket of things we couldn't get in L*dl.  I spent £22 in L*dl, and was surprised and pleased at how much cheaper, yet still good quality, the fresh veg, bacon and cheese is, we will be shopping there regularly from now on.  The top up shop in the supermarket was £16, it's a pity there are some things we just can't get in L*dl or A*di.

We're taking Betty to the vets tomorrow for her final booster jab and some flea and worming advice.  I'll do a Betty post, with pictures, tomorrow.


  1. Wouldn't be without my bread maker. It is one of the first ever made and has been going for around 15 years now! P bought me another one second hand as he is sure mine will die soon! I am also fortunate to be able to buy fresh yeast in the supermarket. It costs 31centimes for enough to do four loaves. It means we can have the bread we like. I still love to put it on overnight and wake to the smell of new bread.
    Economizing becomes easier the more you do it. P eats much less meat now too and is happy about it. A simple life is much easier to cope with!

  2. I hope you get yourself a breadmaker, nothing beats home made :-)


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