Thursday, 5 January 2017

First shopping of the year

Took my shopping list and am pleased to say I stuck to it, apart from just 2 extras.  It's OH's birthday on Sunday, we always cook each other a meal of whatever the birthday boy/girl wants....he asked for steak (it's always that or a big pork chop!) so that's what I got.  And there was a large piece of fresh salmon, enough for 3 meals for the two of us, reduced to half price because of the use by date.  We love salmon and eat it a lot, so I got that, cut it up and froze it.

I had a look round the supermarket's sale section, just to see if there was anything we needed that had a fantastic reduction.....nope, so I wasn't tempted to buy anything.

I did notice that they've already started putting up some prices (to claw back what they reduced before Xmas I suppose), and again have made some packs of things smaller.  E.g., I usually buy a 400g block of prepacked Cheddar, whatever happens to be on special offer that week.  Some of them were reduced in size to 350g some while back, whilst keeping the price the same (do they really think us savvy shoppers don't notice?!), but there are still several that have stayed 400g.  Well, one of the ones I regularly buy is now 370g - that's new, it wasn't like that before Christmas.  Ho hum.  I still won't be caught out though, as I always check both shelf label and pack size.

Took Betty to the vets yesterday for her 2nd vaccinations....the vet gave her a bacon chew to have to distract her whilst she did the jabs - not a peep out of Betty other than chewing and slurping noises!  So now there are just 6 days to go before we can take her out.  She is such a funny little thing, she makes us laugh every day.  When she's outside sniffing around the garden, for example, she's making snorty snuffly noises, she sounds like a pig looking for truffles, it does make me laugh.  And if we tell her off for chewing something she shouldn't and give her a toy to distract her, she carries the toy over to whatever it was she was chewing, sits and pretends to play with the toy for a few seconds and then sneakily goes back to chewing the chair leg or whatever....little monkey!!

Thank you for all the comments yesterday, and welcome to Cheryl from MylittlepieceofEngland.


  1. You new little sweetie knows her own mind.........
    You sound just like us when food shopping

    Julie xxxxxxxx

  2. I noticed a few prices creeping up here and there. We also picked up quite a few things on special offer so at least that offset the increases.

    I bet your first walks will take an age, Betty is going to attract plenty of admirers!

  3. I think we all need to keep a close eye on prices now.
    Do you have a Farm Foods near your? the Cheddar is very good in there as are many other things xx

  4. I was doing quite well sticking to my shopping list last night....and then I picked up a set of two pairs of leggings for Ruby....reduced from £8 to £3 so I couldn't leave them there could
    Very sneaky stuff going on with the price rises. The butter I buy was 85p a pack and then all of a sudden shot up to 99p. We really do need to keep our eye on things-x-

  5. Your comments regarding pack sizes ring true, but I bet loads won't notice. Glad Betty is so going to be able to go for walks, hopefully the chewing us because of boredom and she will stop.

  6. Unfortunately it looks like this may be the trend for the year, slowly (and sometimes slyly) rising prices xx

  7. weird supermarket fact discovered on the cheese front in Tesco recently , they frequently have sales on the cheese counter of branded cheeses that they sell in packs like pilgrims etc , and they work out far cheaper loose than the offers on the shelves

  8. The stores here in the US do the same thing with lowering the amount in the package and keeping the price the same.

    Betty sound like an absolute delight to have around.

  9. Just found your blog whilst blog hoping this afternoon, i shall follow with interest, have you tried Farmfoods cheese and Aldi cheese? great value and tasty
    sammie xx


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