Sunday, 29 January 2017

Exciting times ahead!

OH was 66 this month.  He currently works part time, 3 shifts a week....he was planning to carry on working until he's 67 or 68.  However, a couple of days ago he announced that he's now had enough of driving lorries (he's been doing it for around 40 years, and has been working continually since he left school the day after his 15th birthday) and night work and wants to retire this year.  He's looking at probably the end of June to stop work.

I don't blame him, I reckon he's well and truly earned his rest!  And I've had enough of spending so much time on my own (he works a minimum of 12 hours per shift, and is of course in bed for much of the morning, so on his work days I only get to see him for around 3 hours).  He gets very tired as he doesn't sleep well during the morning.....especially when Betty wakes him up when she's having one of her noisy play sessions!  He also doesn't much feel like driving on his days off....understandably. 

So we're now starting to plan for his retirement, a year or two earlier than expected.  Which means, of course, adjusting to living on a smaller income.  I'm not due for my state pension for another 10 years or so - if then even, since the Government keep moving the goal posts! 

Over the next few months, we plan on building up our savings as much as we can, and restocking our stores of dry goods and toiletries.  I'm going to scour the charity shops for a breadmaker (mine gave up the ghost several months ago), they often have them in.  I want to start making bread again, but my hands and wrists aren't strong enough for all that kneading.  We're also going to eat less meat - we're not planning on going vegetarian, both of us are confirmed carnivores, but we'll have 2 or 3 veggie days a week instead of the 1 we currently have.  We'll also eat less meat - I'll still buy the good quality meat from our local butcher, but will use less for a meal and bulk it out with veg or pulses.  I'll also start to do more shopping in the cheaper stores......we eat a lot of Cheddar, e.g., and a kilo of Cheddar for £4.99 in L*dl is a bit of a no-brainer really!  I was amazed to see it for that price when we went there a couple of weeks ago, it's so much cheaper than the big supermarkets.

As a couple of you pointed out, FarmF**ds do some good deals too - I've not really had much of a proper look round there in the past.  I do buy toilet rolls there (£3.99 for an 18-pack, Nicky brand) but am not very keen on their frozen stuff.  They do seem to have good prices for tinned and packet foods though, although it seems a bit hit and miss as to what they actually have in every week.

I'm not at all snobbish about where we shop....neither of us (husband in particular) just really fancies trawling around several places to get all the shopping, up to now we'd much rather do it all in one place.  But if it means we'll save money, and of course in future we'll have more time when he retires, then we'll have to start doing it!

Having OH at home 24/7 will be nice after all these years, it will certainly give us a lot more time to do things, and spend more time together.  I'm just slightly concerned I'll get a bit fed up with having him around ALL the time, after so long with my own company....


  1. How exciting for your both, it is amazing how you adapt, my husband has just started his second year of retirement, and found it difficult at first, but now he loves it xx

  2. We do our main shop in Lidl followed bya supermarket for a few extra bits. From arriving at Lidl to leaving the supermarket to go home is usually 40 minutes all in. Frozen veg in Lidl is good, depends on what you want of course.

  3. Oh how lovely for you both.
    My hubby took early retirement/redundancy a few years ago and hated being at home all day so found another job for a couple of years and now he is back at the place he retired from with no intentions of retiring until they kick him out. The last three months after his operation have nearly driven him insane but it's his own fault as he has no hobbies or interests at all other than watching tv.
    Your plans for shopping sound good-x-

  4. I took early retirement at age 50, nearly 3 years ago. Unfortunately hubby can't retire. I enjoyed the first year or so but am now itching to do something out of the home. Of course if hubby could also retire it would be a different story. It's good that you can plan ahead - something I didn't do!!

  5. Good for your husband. It may be OK to work longer for government's sake, but there are some jobs where the job cannot be continued which they hadn't thought about.

    Have you tried "Freecycle" you can pick up a few things on there.

    Julie xxxxxxx

  6. When in FarmFoods, check their cleaning stuff & toiletries too. The last time I was in. they had Fairy washing up liquid in enormous bottles for £2.99. Think it was 4 litres, and Dove toiletries & Pantene
    Shampoo & conditioner - Large bottles for silly money but good savings.
    Also try FREECYCLE- You may pick up a decent breadmaker from there.

  7. Congratulations on his soon to be retirement and I don't think you will be tired of each other. He has Betty to get out of the house with too. About the bread , this year I discovered you don't really have to knead bread dough even at all . If you have a stand mixer that you mix it up with. just do the mix it all together , form into a ball grease then throw it in a bowl to rise...twice,makes a lighter bread or roll. So happy for both of you and Betty too. She will be glad for more company as well. :)

  8. That sounds fantastic - I bet it was the lure of Betty that sealed the deal! I think when my HG gives up work I will too. Only twenty ( two )years of work to go! (If the Government don't move the goal posts like you say! )

  9. I make my bread dough in the mixer and let it knead on the lowest setting for 10 minutes,it works perfectly and I get light loaves using half and half white and wholemeal flour, both from Lidl. I shop between Lidl, Home Bargains and Poundstretcher all on a small retail site,combined with a bargain hunt trip to Tesco around 2:30 on Sunday afternoons. Not only do I pick up amazing bargains but the shops are quiet and parking is easy.

  10. Wonderful news to get off the lorries! Do plan carefully and have a few creative/interesting things to explore for each of you and together. I am sure if he gets bored he can find part time work that is a lot less stressful than the roads of the UK!


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