Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Check your receipts

I have to say I don't always remember to do this, and if I do, it's only a cursory quick glance. 

Went shopping this morning armed with my list.  As usual, I did buy a few (and it was only a few) extras, things that were on a good special offer that I would normally buy anyway.  However, on going through the till, the total bill came to more than I was expecting (I'd had a quick mental tally up as I was going round).  Rather than hold up the queue, I paid and then checked the receipt before leaving the shop.....found that I'd been overcharged for 2 items.  They were on offer at £1 each, on a special display unit in a prominent position at the end of an aisle....but the till receipt showed them at full price of £1.95 each.

So I went to Customer Services - they paid me back the £1.90 overcharged with no quibble whatsoever.

Mistakes happen all the time, I'm not annoyed....although I probably would have been had we got home before discovering it! (we don't live near the town, it's a 25 min drive away).  But it does make you wonder just how often mistakes occur and we're inadvertently overcharged when shopping, and we don't know about it because we don't bother to check.  Well, I will be checking from now on!  £1.90 isn't a lot I know, but if it happened regularly it would soon add up.


  1. It does add up to you and to the store as well. We always check. Sad to say at one store in particular we expect it.
    More Betty photos , please :)

  2. Well spotted. When we go to the supermarket I tend to pack while Dan keeps an eye on the scanner. I always have a look at the receipt before we leave as we have missed things in the past.

  3. I watch the till like a hawk as mistakes like these happen way to often.

  4. This morning, I found a wonderful special offer, 12 yogurts for $2! So picked one up. At the till it rang up at $4.99! Price check and I wound up getting FREEE!

    Turns out the sale ended on the 23rd, they'd left the signs up and they have a policy of giving it to you for free if it's their mistake.

    I just wonder how many people paid $4.99 before me. The sign is down now.

  5. Estimating (or rounding off as we called it at school) is a very important skill that should be emphasized more in the classroom. When you do that you run a much better chance of catching mistakes.

  6. Estimating and rounding is taught at school still ( I live that dream every day Chris! ) and I love it when I'm just about bob on at the till!!

  7. 1.90 is alot of value shopping for the stockpile, im glad you noticed id of been annoyed if i had got home before realizing
    sammie xx

  8. I always check my receipts before I leave the store and often there are mistakes. Well done for spotting it.

  9. I always do the rounding thing as I'm loading the conveyor belt. OH knows not to talk to me as I'm loading! It's so much easier to spot mistakes that way. A couple of weeks ago I realised I had been overcharged on a multibuy so went to customer services to check. I was right and the young chap ( of about 17 ) looked at me incredulously and said "so we owe you 50p then?" Erm...YES! It's my 50p!! It would buy a loaf of value bread after all :) Well done for checking Solar.


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